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River Falls mayoral candidate Mike Wharton: The rest of his response

The Feb. 13 print edition of the River Falls Journal accidentally left off some final comments by Mike Wharton who is running in the Feb. 18 mayor’s primary in River Falls.

The following are the omitted portions of Wharton’s response about his candidacy:

There is an opportunity to deal with Main Street’s economic weaknesses.

Remove both dams and sediments systematically, in an engineered, environmentally safe way. 

Expose the +-, 66’, drop in the river from Maple Street, to below the lower dam.

Kinnickinnic Falls is a river swept rock shelf much larger than the one under the Swinging Bridge over the South fork.

This action would develop tourism in River Falls and expose 6-8 usable acres near Main Street.

It would create serious reasons for Main Street businesses to reevaluate.

I created a concept drawing of what Kinnickinnic Falls might look like at

The Area Research Center, at UW-River Falls, has old photos.

As a Landscape Architect, I understand development and construction at a professional level.

For example, we could have moved one of the big power plant’s turbines we scrapped for nothing, to Whitetail Ridge to market uninterruptable power for industrial clients.

That’s the kind of Mayor I will be -- creative and responsible with the public’s trust.