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St. Croix Co. Board: 16 races, 4 primaries

As the filing deadline passed at 5 p.m. Tuesday, races had developed for 16 of the 19 seats on the St. Croix County Board of Supervisors.

Since three candidates have filed in each of four districts, all four will hold primaries in February. Primaries will be held in: District 6, Hudson; District 11, Star Prairie area; District 12, New Richmond area; and District 18, Baldwin area.

These are the candidates as of 5 p.m. Tuesday:

District 1: Incumbent Travis J. Schachtner (Town of Somerset, Wards 1 and 2; Village of Somerset, Wards 1-4)

District 2: Incumbent Agnes Ring, Houlton, is challenged by Tim Bender, Somerset. (Town of St. Joseph, Wards 1-3; Town of Somerset, Wards 3-6)

District 3: Incumbent Tim Hood, 1095 Golden Oaks Lane, Hudson, is challenged by Christopher Babbitt, 1221 County Road I, Hudson. (Town of Hudson, Wards 3-7; Town of St. Joseph, Wards 4-6)

District 4: Incumbent Daryl Standafer, 602 Helen St. North, Hudson, is challenged by Howard Novotny, 734 Woodcrest Drive North, Hudson. (Town of Hudson, Ward 1; Village of North Hudson, Wards 1-6)

District 5: Incumbent Fred Yoerg, 322 Locust St., Hudson, is challenged by Roy A. Sjoberg, 1108 Vine St., Hudson. (City of Hudson, Wards 1, 6, 9 and 10)

District 6: Incumbent C.W. “Buck” Malick, 413 Brookwood Drive, Hudson, is challenged by Stephen D. Nielsen, 1111 Birch Drive, Hudson, and by Nicholas Vanden Heuvel, 446 Overlook Pass, Hudson. (Town of Hudson, Ward 2; City of Hudson, Wards 5, 8, 11, 12)

District 7: Incumbent Chris Kilber (City of Hudson, Wards 2, 3, 4, 7)

District 8: Incumbent Richard Ottino, 876 Alex Lane, Hudson, is challenged by Scott J. Nelson, 809 Hutton Hill Road, Hudson. (Town of Hudson, Wards 8-14)

District 9: Jill Ann Berke, 246 Carlson Lane, River Falls, and Jeanette Kunz, 493 Autumn Blaze Trail, Hudson, are both candidates. Incumbent Tom Hawksford is not running. (Town of Troy, Wards 1-6; City of River Falls, Ward 15)

District 10: Incumbent Dave Ostness, 531 N. Pearl St., River Falls, is challenged by John Yunker, 1175 Rifle Range Road, River Falls. (Town of Kinnickinnic, Wards 2-3; Town of Troy, Ward 7; City of River Falls, Wards 1-4)

District 11: Incumbent Roger Larson, Star Prairie, is challenged by both Mark A. Struble, Star Prairie, and Bradley A. Perrin, Somerset. (Town of Stanton, Ward 1; Town of Star Prairie, Wards 1-5; Village of Star Prairie, Ward 1)

District 12: Candidates are Daniel Hansen, 446 E. 3rd St., New Richmond; Stacy Brevard-Mays, 355 N. 2nd St., New Richmond; and Joseph Brost, 525 E. 2nd St., New Richmond. Incumbent Fred Horne is not running. (Town of Star Prairie, Ward 6; City of New Richmond, Wards 1-3 and 7-9)

District 13: Incumbent Ron Kiesler, 1359 Parkview Drive, New Richmond, is challenged by Kristy Teske, 1455 Doman Drive, New Richmond. (City of New Richmond, Wards 4-6 and 10-12)

District 14: Incumbent Andy Brinkman (Town of Erin Prairie, Ward 1; Town of Richmond, Wards 1-5; Town of Warren, Ward 1)

District 15: Incumbent David Peterson, 331 County Road JJ, River Falls, is challenged by Donald E. Schumacher,, 2012 18th Ave., Baldwin. (Town of Kinnickinnic, Ward 1; Town of Pleasant Valley, Ward 1; Town of Rush River, Ward 1; Town of Warren, Wards 2 and 3; Village of Roberts, Wards 1-4)

District 16: Candidates are William H. Gary III, Hammond, and Paulette Anderson, Hammond. Incumbent Joe Hurtgen is not running. (Town of Baldwin, Ward 1; Town of Hammond, Wards 1-3; Village of Hammond, Wards 1-4)

District 17: Candidates are David Olson, Glenwood City, and Judy Achterhof, Emerald. Incumbent Brian A. Hurtgen is not running. (Wards 1 of towns of Cylon, Emerald, Forest and Glenwood; Village of Deer Park, Ward 1; City of Glenwood City, Wards 1 and 2)

District 18: Incumbent Duane Russett. Baldwin, is challenged by both Shaela Leibfried, Baldwin, and Lorraine Lori Thompson, Baldwin. (Town of Baldwin, Ward 2; Village of Baldwin, Wards 1-6)

District 19: Incumbent William Peavey, Woodville, is challenged by Chad Briggs, Woodville. (Town of Cady, Ward 1; Town of Eau Galle, Wards 1 and 2; Town of Springfield, Ward 1; Village of Spring Valley, Ward 3; Village of Wilson, Ward 1; Village of Woodville, Wards 1 and 2)

Judy Wiff

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