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Town restricts weights to preserve some roads

In a split vote, the Kinnickinnic Town Board on Sept. 6 passed a law making Class B highways out of Quarry, Liberty, Saddle Club and Chapman roads. These roads will now have axle-weight restriction of 60% of ordinary weight restrictions.

Heavy trucks that have business on these roads will still be able to use them.

"We are trying to stop trucks from using these roads to get from A to B, when they can use county roads," Town Board Chairman Roger VanBeek said.

The new law is intended to cut down on the costly wear-and-tear caused by heavy loads carried over town roads.

As Town Supervisor Bill Gnatzig noted: "This only affects the cut-through traffic...There are two things that damage roads: Gophers and weight. We can't pass an ordinance to stop the gophers."

Not everyone agreed that the situation called for a new law.

"I travel three out of the four roads, and I have yet to see the truck traffic," said newly elected Town Supervisor Dave Nelson.

Nelson and Axel Bogdan voted against the new law. VanBeek, John Humphrey and Gnatzig voted for it.

For much more on this story, please see the Sept. 14 print edition of the River Falls Journal.