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Meyer honored for lengthy service to city

In the 1990s the school district honored DeWayne Meyer's many years of distinguished service as a teacher and principal by naming the middle school after him. Last week Meyer was given plaques commemorating his nearly three decades of service to the city as chairman of the Police/Fire and Ambulance commissions.

Ambulance Director Jeff Rixmann said of Meyer: "I've spent countless hours at his home going over matters from policies and procedures to personnel issues and growing our service. All that time DeWayne has been a good mentor..."

At age 80, Meyer says it's time to move on: "You reach the point where you don't want as much regimentation in your life. I've given time to others, and now I want more time for myself, for my wife and family."

Patsy Nelson will succeed Meyer in chairing the local commissions. Carole Mottaz will take Meyer's seat on the commissions.

Meyer was appointed to serve on the Police/Fire and Ambulance commissions while he was still principal at what was then the local junior high. At the time Meyer replaced Don Richards, then a teacher, now the mayor.

This month Richards, as mayor, had to name Meyer's replacement on the Police/Fire and Ambulance commissions.

"That's ironic, isn't it?" Meyer said. "I replaced him, now as mayor 28 years later, he has to replace me?"

For more on Meyer and his work on the Police/Fire and Ambulance commissions, read the Dec. 16 print edition of the River Falls Journal.