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Town supervisor: This is not a blast

Tom Sitz got his way. At the Sept. 3 regular meeting, the town of River Falls supervisor asked his colleagues why the town was trying to write its own blasting law.

"Why are we going down this road?" he asked. "I want this taken off the table."

Sitz said the Town Board is "chasing in the wrong direction," especially since no one on the board has any real blasting experience and county and state regulations are already in place.

Supervisor Leroy Kusilek agreed with Sitz. He said if a farmer needs stumps or rocks blown up, regulations require that a professional must be hired.

After listening to Sitz, the board eventually voted to cancel a public hearing on blasting set for Sept. 16.

Town of River Falls officials have also been trying, unsuccessfully, to reach Somerset Auto Salvage about its expired license to run a salvage yard at W9880 710th Ave., formerly Jerry's Auto Salvage.

Besides having an expired license, the salvage yard is due for inspection.

Supervisor Kusilek worried about the town being responsible for cleanup if the salvage yard is abandoned and the operators choose not to renew the license.

Town officials will make renewed efforts to contact the owner. Meanwhile, the salvage yard will be locked up to make the property secure.

More town of River Falls news can be found in the Sept. 12 print edition of the River Falls Journal.

 --Sarah Young, correspondent