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Town of River Falls: Treasurer's race contested

In the town of River Falls the treasurer position is up for grabs. Below is a statement from each of the candidates.

Rita Kozak

As a 25 year resident of the town of River Falls, I enjoy and appreciate living in a community with an active board that works to maintain the character of the area and is responsive to citizen concerns.

As a member of the town board, the treasurer is responsible for accounting of revenue, town billings and financial reports, including the annual budget. My qualifications for the town treasurer position include 10 years on the Pierce County Board representing the town of River Falls, during which I served on the Finance, Solid Waste and Land Use committees.

I am familiar with township government and government financial systems as well as the budgeting required to run a successful local business (Gill Design, Inc.).

I would appreciate the opportunity to contribute my time and experience towards the financial management of the town of River Falls.

Dianna Weber

I am running for the town of River Falls treasurer position because I would like to be more involved in the welfare of the community. I was born and raised in River Falls, and graduated from River Falls High School in 1986. After spending two years at the Chippewa Valley Technical College I began working in the student loan industry for 25 years processing incoming and outgoing finances, which includes processing and disbursing student loans funds to college and universities, and collecting wage garnishments from employers on defaulted student loans. A few things I can bring to the community through the treasurer position are my experience in finance, ability to learn quickly, and being detail oriented.