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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Town renames cemetery after historic local family

A public hearing for a cemetery law was held at the town of River Falls regular board meeting Monday, Oct. 15.

Jerome Rodewald, town zoning administrator and Town Cemetery Committee chairman, appeared with his proposals for Greenwood Valley Cemetery and for other cemeteries within the town.

The proposed law states the town has authority to acquire and convey land for cemeteries within the town and to determine the system of management and operation of those cemeteries.

There was also a proposal to rename a cemetery.

"We are proposing to change the name from Greenwood Valley Cemetery to Glass Valley Cemetery," said Rodewald. "I strongly urge the board to pass this tonight."

Rodewald proposed the name change at a past meeting. He explained the reference was to the Glass family -- a prominent family who lived in the area between 1860-1880 and has family members buried in the cemetery.

Though no residents attended the meeting, Rodewald gave the board a brief history of the Glass family, including possible ties to Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln.

The Town Board did approve the proposal to change the name and to accept the law separately.

"The town moves to change Greenwood Valley Cemetery to Glass Valley cemetery and to recognize the historical significance of the name," said Town Board Chairwoman Diana Smith.

The board then discussed possible ideas for its next newsletter before adjourning the meeting.

Some topics discussed for the newsletter were:

  • Holiday recycling hours
  • Snow parking
  • The new town website
  • Frac sand mining law
  • Farmland preservation plan

Town of Troy

In last week's Troy Town Board story, two items need clarifying:

1) Regarding the upcoming extension of Chinnock Lane, it will run perpendicular, and not parallel as reported, to Hwy. 35N.

2) The Town Board is also trying to buy a small parcel to accommodate the Chinnock Lane extension so it aligns properly with Glover Road.