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Heat forces quick RF town meeting

A brief meeting was in order on Monday, July 2, when the town of River Falls Board met in 93-degree heat.

The board continued to discuss signage on town roads.

A "left turn must yield sign" that was approved last month to be put at the intersection of 950th and 749th streets has yet to be mounted.

"We are still working with the Highway Department to find a sign with the proper verbiage," said Chairwoman Diana Smith.

Town Clerk Ruth Stern gave the board an update on personal property tax collections. There are two unpaid personal property taxes remaining.

"We need a letter sent saying if you don't pay this in 30 days, you don't do business in our township anymore," said Supervisor Brad Mogen.

One debtor had done work for the county in the past and never had cashed the check he received for his work, according to Stern.

"Can't we just apply the amount of the un-cashed check towards the balance?" asked Stern.

The board OK'd the request to apply the check toward the debtor's unpaid personal property taxes.

"Maybe we have some other work they can do to pay off what they owe," said Smith.

The board then discussed some agenda items for the upcoming fall budget meeting -- one item being taking bids for the town re-evaluation.