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Clifton man demands action about discarded tree-brush debris

Stuart Henning came to the June 5 Clifton Town Board meeting to get answers concerning trees that were cut by Pierce County workers while clearing the road right-of-way by his home.

Henning, W12210 742nd Ave., said when the county did its work this spring, it actually cut trees on his property that weren't in the 33 feet right-of-way.

He said he's not upset about those trees being cut, but he is by the mess left behind by the tree cutters.

Henning was also upset because he said he reported the problem to Town Board Chairman Leroy Peterson three months ago. Nothing has been done.

Peterson said he was under the impression from Henning that since the brush is lying near the bottom of a ravine, that it was no big deal.

Henning disagreed. He said he wanted something done about the brush three months ago.

"I'm not suggesting it be done right now," Henning said. "But I think you guys are supposed to watch out for the people of the township."

Henning went on to say that he won't clean up the mess since he's not a logger. He then demanded Peterson call him once the county is contacted or the mess scheduled for removal.

Peterson told Henning it would be taken care of. But Henning became more agitated and told town supervisors they rarely take care of his concerns when he reports them.

"I am 85 years old," Peterson replied. "I try to do my best. I don't like to be hounded and cursed at. I told you I'll take care of it. That's all I can do."

For more on this story from Clifton, please see the June 13 print edition of the River Falls Journal.