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Elections ahead, so are rules

Last year during the volatile state senate recall drive and follow-up election, the city took complaints about clusters of campaign signs, especially those posted on public right-of-ways.

This year, with another state recall election looming and the presidential election in November, city officials are highlighting basic rules and regulations about political signs.

These regulations have long been in place and reflect state law.

According to the city's Development Service Representative David Hovel, they will be enforced:

  • Political signs erected on private property should be at least 15 feet from the edge of pavement.
  • No political campaign signs can be attached to boulevard trees, utility poles or traffic signal lights.
  • No lighted political signs are allowed in residential neighborhoods.
  • All political campaign signs should be removed 72 hours after an election that the signs reference.

Signs that violate any of these city regulations will be removed. People who repeatedly or deliberately violate the regulations may be fined.

According to Hovel, political campaign signs can be posted 70 days before an election.

The legal definition of such signs is one that urges the "election or defeat of any candidate seeking an elective office, or urging the passage or defeat of any ballot measure, but not including any billboard owned or maintained by a commercial firm or advertising company."

According to state law, cities can't regulate the size, shape, placement or content of political signs on residential properties during an election campaign period.

For questions or concerns, call Hovel at City Hall: 715-426-3426 or email him at