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Pierce plans for races in seven board districts

By the time the deadlines passed last week, races had developed for seven seats on the 17-member Pierce County Board of Supervisors.

Four of the races in the April election will be in the River Falls area, two in the Ellsworth area and one in Plum City.

The filing deadline for most districts was 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3, but redistricting led to the extension of the deadline in Districts 1, 6 and 12.

This is the final rundown of candidates:

District 1: There is no incumbent in this Prescott district, and no candidates filed.

District 2: Incumbent LeRoy Peterson, W10604 County Road FF, River Falls, is the only candidate.

District 3: Incumbent Jon Aubart, N8251 1015th St., River Falls, is running unopposed.

District 4: Ruth Wood, 503 E. Walnut St., River Falls, is challenging incumbent Rodney Rommel, 406 Parkview Lane, River Falls.

District 5: Former River Falls mayor Cecil Bjork, 320 W. Church St., is challenging incumbent Ben Plunkett, 709 Bartosh Lane.

District 6: The only candidate is Michael A. Kahlow, 811 Oak Knoll, River Falls. The two incumbents, Paul Barkla and Cullen Peterson, are not running.

District 7: Ed Figi, 135 Emory Drive, River Falls, and Scott Bjork, 188 Kinni Court, River Falls, are running. There is no incumbent in this district.

District 8: The candidates are Ramona Gunter, N8246 975th St., River Falls, and Dean Bergseng, N8820 790th St., River Falls. Incumbent Tom Sitz filed a declaration of non-candidacy.

District 9: Incumbent Ken Snow, W4703 850th Ave., Spring Valley, is unopposed.

District 10: Incumbent James E. Ross, N4962 County Road CC, Elmwood, is the only candidate.

District 11: Incumbent Greg Place, 720 Crest Lane, Ellsworth, is unchallenged.

District 12: Both Dale Auckland, 438 W. Kinne St., Ellsworth, and James E. Peterson, 200 N. Northview, Ellsworth, are candidates. There is no incumbent in this district.

District 13: Incumbent Dan Reis, N5945 1000th St., Ellsworth, is being challenged by Glenn Spiczak, N6088 1000th St., Ellsworth.

District 14: Incumbent L. Ronald Bartels, N987 545th St., Bay City, is the only candidate.

District 15: Incumbent Jerry Kosin, W12082 620th Ave., Prescott, is the only candidate.

District 16: Incumbent Jeff Holst, W10014 1005th St., Hager City, is the only candidate.

District 17: Incumbent Mel Pittman, W950 270th Ave., Plum City, is being challenged by Oake C. Gregory, 221 Main St., Plum City.

Judy Wiff

Judy Wiff has been regional editor for RiverTown’s Wisconsin newspapers since 1996. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and sociology from UW-River Falls. She has worked as a reporter for several weekly newspapers in Wisconsin.