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Town contemplates turning up the heat on fire-bill deadbeats

Enough! Town of Kinnickinnic officials say unpaid fire call bills for non-residents have long been a fiscal thorn in the side. The Town Board wants to get more aggressive with deadbeats.

While the town bills these non-residents monthly, many refuse or don't pay -- in some cases, nonpayment drags on for years.

At the Monday, Nov. 7, regular meeting, the Kinnickinnic Town Board talked about whether to have its attorney, Bob Loberg, draft and send lawyerly warning letters to the deadbeats.

The hope is that these legal letters prompt more people to pay their overdue bills.

It wasn't totally clear at the board meeting how much Loberg will charge for drafting collections letters.

Town Board Supervisor Dave Nelson wanted to make sure that the amount spent for Loberg didn't exceed $250 per letter.

Town Board Roger Van Beek said that Loberg has written that based on a fee system he devised, Loberg would collect a maximum of $132 for each paid bill. Fire call bills are typically $700.

Supervisor Bill Gnatzig said "something needs to be done beyond what we are doing."

While the board thought that tardy fire bills needed to be collected, members wanted more clarification from Loberg on his charges for drafting and sending out warning letters.

VanBeek said he would check with Loberg and report back.

For more town of Kinnickinnic news, check the Nov. 16 print edition of the River Falls Journal.