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Is the proposed driveway safe? Clifton withholding judgment

Harv Walton who lives in the Hidden Valley subdivision, town of Clifton, wants to build a driveway next spring on a 5.9 acre parcel in Lot 22. The Town Board rejected his proposal a few years back. On Tuesday night, Nov. 1, at the town's regular meeting, Walton returned for another go.

Walton would like his new driveway to come out on 748th Avenue. He said at that location, he'll have to cut down fewer trees since logging has already been done there.

The other option, which Walton doesn't want, is for the driveway to come out at 754th Avenue, where there are more trees. He would also have to drive around his house to reach the garage.

Town Board Chairman Leroy Peterson said a driveway coming out on 748th Avenue is not the best choice because a hill limits visibility. Peterson said it could be dangerous when winter weather makes that road and hill icy.

Walton said the original surveyor intended for his driveway to emerge on 748th.

Peterson said the Town Board must not only consider Walton's safety but the safety of other people driving on that road near his driveway.

Town Board supervisors Greg Eggers and John Rohl said they wanted to take a closer look at the area in question before casting their votes.

It was therefore decided to wait until Clifton's next Town Board meeting in December before voting on Walton's driveway plans.

Hidden Valley subdivision is off of County Road QQ.

For more town of Clifton news, please see the Nov. 9 print edition of the River Falls Journal.