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Troy OKs plowing plan tailored for Troy Burne

After a month of discussion, several items were presented to the Troy Town Board earlier this month as suggestions on how to improve plowing and road repair conditions in the Troy Burne subdivision, specifically for this upcoming winter.

Last month the board heard concerns from the Troy Burne Homeowners Association regarding lots of sand and gravel left behind after the winter plowing season and road construction and repairs, tar seepage, and snow plowing that's damaged expensive, required mailboxes.

It was recommended the town buy between 100-200 stakes and mark property along the roadways so that plow drivers can distinguish between what is road and what is property.

With heavy snow, this has been nearly impossible.

While some Troy Burne homeowners already stake their property for this very reason, it's not done everywhere.

By having the town do the staking, the process would be uniform.

The second item involved slowing the plow on the first pass.

While a minimum speed is required in order to move snow, a slower initial pass could safeguard mailboxes from snow blown from the plow.

Subsequent snow-plowing passes will be at normal speed, but not push snow toward the boxes.

Another proposal is for the Homeowners Association to contact the U.S. postmaster to see if mailboxes in the most prone areas could be consolidated into a single location to give them better protection.

The Town Board has agreed to these provisions and will begin the process this winter.

If problems persist, however, the town may still consider hiring a private contractor to do the plowing in Troy Burne.

The current town-owned equipment is made to plow rural roads, not the suburban, curbed roads of Troy Burne.

North Glover project

After years on the backburner, the North Glover Road expansion project has taken its first steps forward.

Delayed by the project's high cost, it was reconsidered this September as the town has no major roadwork scheduled.

The Town Board has banked the money savings to be used next year, specifically for widening and straightening North Glover.

After strong support from residents, which included a 60-signature petition, the town has taken the first steps forward and allowed Cedar Corporation to begin planning. The project is estimated to cost $714,000. It would expand North Glover Road from 20 to 60 feet across as well as straighten the road.