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Moore raises more faster, but Harsdorf has more cash

Campaign finance reports filed with Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board show that recall candidate Shelly Moore has raised more money since April than incumbent Sheila Harsdorf, though only by about $13,000.

Of the almost 9,800 contributions to Moore's campaign, over half came from outside Wisconsin.

Harsdorf received about 1,800 contributions and while they tended to be in larger amounts, only a handful came from out of state.

Reports filed by both camps July 5 and late contribution reports submitted since then show Moore has collected $239,228 while Harsdorf has gathered $226,141.

Still her July campaign finance report shows Harsdorf ahead of Moore because the incumbent collected $110,200 in the early months of the year before Moore became a recall candidate.

The reports show Moore has spent $145,000 to Harsdorf's $135,000 in the April to July time frame. As of July 5, the Moore campaign had a cash balance of $91,587 while Harsdorf had $141,963.

Individual contributions to Harsdorf from April 19 to June 30 ranged from $5 to one $2,500 contribution. The records show she received 58 $500 donations from individuals, nine in the $500 to $999 range and 30 $1,000 donations.

The individual contributions to Moore tended to be in smaller amounts. She received four $1,000 donations, one donation of $929 and 13 $500 donations.

Of the money Moore received, $104,358 came directly from individuals and $103,892 from conduits (professional associations and issue groups collect contributions from individuals, bundle them together and send one large check to the candidate along with the contributor list).

Individual contributions flowing through conduits to Moore ranged from $1 to $300, and over half the nearly 8,000 individuals who contributed are from out of state.

Of the contributions Harsdorf received, the July 5 report shows $160,134 came from individuals and $23,354 from conduits.

About 110 people contributed to conduits that passed money on to Harsdorf. Those contributions ranged from $25 to $1,000 per person and a dozen were from out-of-state donors.

Both campaigns accepted money from political action committees.

Moore's report shows she received $24,289, mostly from union or trade organizations and including a $2,945 donation from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Harsdorf collected $27,676 in PAC donations, including $19,726 from the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate.

The report filed by Isaac Weix, who filed as a Democrat to force a recall primary, shows that as of July 5 his campaign had collected $1,200 and spent $750.

Judy Wiff

Judy Wiff has been regional editor for RiverTown’s Wisconsin newspapers since 1996. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and sociology from UW-River Falls. She has worked as a reporter for several weekly newspapers in Wisconsin.