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Troy Township: Some want storm sirens

During the public comment section of the town of Troy meeting Thursday, June 9, a resident raised concerns about the lack of warning sirens for severe weather.

Acknowledging that they are not "completely meant to be heard indoors," he argued that they would still be good to have for those outside, and for advanced warning for overnight storms, especially considering the active year that the country has already seen.

The Town Board agreed that it would be a good thing to have, but Supervisor Sue Warren reminded residents: "This is not something that is just going to happen overnight."

She suggested to those in the town that there are other options to receive weather information, from cell phone alerts, television forecasts, Internet updates, to purchasing a NOAA weather radio.

Parks and recreation

According to the Park Board report provided by Jill Berke, the Cove boat ramp has seen increased activity recently despite the high water levels.

Along with the increased use, is the need to re-stripe the parking lot. The cost for handicap stencils, paint, and other related supplies is estimated to cost $650. Pemble's access is also now open for the season.

Meanwhile, in Glover Park, trail maintenance is ahead of schedule and should be completed this week.

Also, per recommendation by the DNR, there will be a thinning of the red pines that are located in the park, and the plan is to not only thin out the trees, but to also sell the logs in designated areas within the park. Activity will begin when the ground is frozen, hopefully this year.

Road tour

Gary Parent presented the Town Board with a comprehensive report on the details gathered on needed construction and repairs during the town's annual road tour.

The Town Board has decided to act on several items on the list, including but not limited to:

--Culvert replacement on Boundary Road and Tower Road.

--Tree removal on Ilwaco Road and Carlson Lane.

--Fill cracks on Indigo Trail, Cambronne Street, Tulgen Street, New Century Drive, Empire Builder Drive Chattanooga Drive and Southern Pacific Road.

--Seal coating on West Grove Road, Plain View Drive, Delander Drive, Skyline Drive, Wyngate Drive and Saddler Ridge Drive.

The cost of repairs is estimated to be $63,763.