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Kinnickinnic: Driveway waiver, storage yard OK'd

At last week's Town of Kinnickinnic board meeting, land owner Glen Johnson requested a driveway waiver. Johnson is the owner of 40 unplatted acres on the corner of Liberty Road and Hwy. 65.

The land is set to be sold, but the sale hinges upon approval of the waiver.

Roger Humphrey of Humphrey Engineering spoke on behalf of the interested parties.

Due to the placement of the land, there are driveway laws from both the town and St. Croix County that make a waiver a necessity.

Supervisor Dave Nelson asked, "Can't the driveway go off Hwy. 65?"

After contacting the Department of Transportation (DOT), Humphrey felt that access from Hwy. 65 wouldn't be allowed.

According to Town Board Chairman Roger Van Beek, "They (DOT) are trying to do a driveway reduction on Hwy 65."

To have the driveway enter on Liberty Road and meet sight-line requirements, a waiver is needed.

Current town law state that driveways must be at least 200 feet apart. This would not be an option in Johnson's case.

Due to the placement of a driveway on property to the south, a waiver of the 200-foot requirement is needed.

If the proposed driveway is moved any further to the north, making the distance 200 feet, it would not meet sight-line requirements.

The proposed driveway placement that meets sight-line requirements is, in Humphrey's opinion, the best solution. Humphrey pointed out that the DOT also approves of this placement.

The Town Board unanimously approved the waiver. Humphrey will be meeting with St. Croix County to acquire its approval so the sale of the land may go through.

Landscaper Chad Novak, 1186 River Road, requested approval of a contractor's storage yard at his residence.

Deputy Zoning Administrator Ed Flanum explained, "Chad runs a landscaping company and would like to park his equipment in his driveway. He meets all the criteria. No employees or customers will be coming to his property."

Novak has spoken with his neighbors and says none object.

Van Beek pointed out that the county's approval is also needed. Novak understood and was looking for approval from the town before going to the county.

Supervisor John Humphrey stated, "I have driven by there when the equipment was on site, and I hardly noticed it." The board gave its approval for the contractor's storage yard.

The second annual town picnic will be held Sunday, Sept.11, from noon to 3 p.m. Van Beek felt last year's picnic was a huge success and would like to see this become a tradition.

Van Beek would like the Town Board to consider renting a tent this year, in case of bad weather, saying, "We can't rely on having beautiful weather, like last year, every year."

If anyone would like to help with town picnic planning, contact the Town Hall at 715-425-8082.