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SC County Board works through long agenda

The St. Croix County Board of Supervisors slogged through an ocean of motions and a slew of resolutions at its regular March 8 meeting.

Even with five items removed from the agenda to be dealt with at a later time, the task at hand was substantial.

To open the meeting, Board Chair Daryl Standafer stepped down from the dais to acknowledge and congratulate District 8 Supervisor James Stauffer on the recent birth of his daughter.

The 34-year-old Stauffer is one of two young members of the County Board and thus one of the few eligible candidates for new fatherhood. His daughter, Evelyn Faith, was born Feb. 24.

The acknowledgement followed with a series of ballots to elect Karen Meyer to fill the empty supervisor position created with the death of Eugene Ruetz in January and subsequently fill committee vacancies.

Only 14 of the 19 members of the board were present. Fredrick Horne was away on business; vice chair Esther Wentz and Buzz Marzolf were out because of health issues; Joe Hurtgen and Robert Shearer were also absent.

After extensive discussion, supervisors approved a resolution to create the office of administrator and unanimously approved a resolution to set up the job description and recruitment process for the office.

The county has been without an administrator of some kind since Chuck Whiting resigned late last year to take a job out of state.

Standafer said the action was significant, moving the county from an administrative coordinator to a county administrator.

In other action the board:

  • Approved a resolution directing the Administration Committee to develop supervisory district plans by a unanimous 14-0 margin with Meyer voting for the first time.
  • Unanimously approved a resolution creating the office of county administrator.
  • Set the next meeting for April 5 at 9 a.m. in the government center.
  • Approved a resolution authorizing the Administration Committee to reallocate the bond process by an 8 to 6 margin. Supervisors Roger Larson, Karen Meyer, James Stauffer, Lorin Sather, Steve Hermsen and Linda Luckey voted against.
  • Unanimously approved a resolution approving the position description of the county administrator and recruitment process.
  • Approved a resolution to hire a temporary employee as the seasonal person in the treasurer's office 13-1. Brian Hurtgen voted against.
  • Approved a resolution to hire a temporary employee in the veteran's service office by a 12-2 margin. Standafer and Hurtgen voted no. Veterans benefit specialist Wanda Plourde is expected to have back surgery in the near future.
  • Approved a resolution to hire temporary employees in the victim witness office due to maternity leave by an 8-6 margin. Hurtgen, Karen Meyer, Sather, Hermsen, Buck Malick and Standafer voted against.
  • -Approved a resolution to hire a temporary employee in the clerk of courts office due to maternity leave by 12-2 margin. Hurtgen and Standafer voted against.
  • Approved a resolution to hire seasonal employees in the parks department by a 13-1 margin. Hurtgen voted no.
  • -Approved hiring a seasonal employee at the UW Extension by a 12-2 margin, Standafer and Hurtgen voted no.
  • -Approved a resolution to fill a contract position of job developer at St. Croix Industries by a 13-1 margin. Hurtgen voted against.
  • -Approved a resolution amending the review process for vacant position in the 911 dispatch department by a 10-4 margin. Hurtgen, Sather, Hermsen and Malick voted against.
  • -Did not consider a resolution to approve a receipt of established rate of compensation for sheriff's deputy Sally Standaert. The item was provided too late for the board to consider unless the rules were suspended. A motion to suspend the rules failed by an 8-4 margin, less than the two-thirds required.