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Public hearing to be held for homeless shelter

A proposed overnight homeless shelter for an eight-plex at 235 W. Johnson Street is scheduled to be heard during a public hearing at tonight's (Nov. 3) Plan Commission meeting.

The newly created homeless shelter, designed to hold up to five families, is being bought and set up by the local nonprofit organization Our Neighbors Place.

Those in the homeless shelter can stay for up to 60 days. A site manager will be on duty at all times. No pets will be allowed.

Shelter occupants cannot have a felony or sexual molestation conviction, nor have a drug or alcohol problem.

Our Neighbors Place already has an downtown daycenter and a transitional house near St. Bridget Catholic Church. Both are meant to support struggling families and individuals with advice and support services.

Just like Turningpoint Domestic Abuse Shelter in that neighborhood, there will be no identification sign outside the homeless shelter on West Johnson Street.

"We have no intention to advertise which of our neighbors has fallen on hard times," says a flyer recently distributed by Our Neighbors Place.

The Tuesday, Nov. 3, Plan Commission meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at the new City Hall, West Maple and Lewis streets.