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Gov. Walker touts pre-schools in Hudson stop -- Video attached

Gov. Scott Walker answers a question from a pre-school student at KinderCare in Hudson Thursday morning.3 / 5
Some of the staff and management at KinderCare posed with Gov. Walker, from left, Mike Radway, Tamara King, Tammy Hammell, Gov. Walker, Becky Mestro and Dani Seidel.4 / 5
Gov. Walker received a "thank you" plaque from students at KinderCare in Hudson after he read them a Dr. Seuss book.5 / 5

Gov. Scott Walker stopped in Hudson Thursday morning and read to a group of pre-kindgarten students at KinderCare, 2600 Center Dr. His purpose was to highlight his YoungStar and Early Literacy initiatives; KinderCare is considered a five-star - top of the list in the state's reimbursement program.

Under the program, top schools are rewarded with higher aid levels, while lower ranked pre-schools receive less state aid.

"We want incentives for pre-schools because it will pay dividends in the future," Walker said. "It also gives lower performing school an incentive to increase their rankings. We know, of course, that pre-school students exposed to literature training will do better when they enter elementary and even middle and high school."

While at KinderCare, Walker read the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, The Places You'll Go," to a group of 20 pre-kindergarten students.

Other issues

After the session with students, Walker answered a few questions from reporters. When asked about his repeal of Senate Bill 202 (to repeal the 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act) Walker defended the action by saying there are already three laws on the books protecting women's pay.

"It is already illegal to discriminate against women in the workplace - that will always be the case," Walker said.

Walker's opponents claim the repeal is part of "his war on women" because Senate Bill 202 made it easier for victims of wage discrimination to allegedly have their day in court. Walker said the law has never been used since implemented in 2009.

About the upcoming recall elections, Walker said voters will have the opportunity to "move the state forward" or "go backward."

He also touted the bi-partisan cooperation between Minnesota and Wisconsin regarding the new St. Croix River crossing, and is hopeful that tax reciprocity between the two states will be next to become law.