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MMS applauds October Students of the Month

In the front row (from left to right): Jackson Range, Maddison Neisus, Ava Epstein and Tyler Nelson. Second row: Gavin Kohel, Olivia Pizzi, Grace Nekola and Jackson Puhalla. Third row: Landin Masanz, Thomas Moua, Elise Frisbie and Madeline Doerre. Photo courtesy of Meyer Middle School

6 Gold

Maddison Neisius is the daughter of Margaret Neisius and John Ott. Maddison has made a great transition to middle school. She is a quiet leader in the classroom and puts her best effort into everything she does. Maddison is a pleasure to have in class. Madison likes llamas, turtles and corgis. She enjoys singing, shopping and jumping on her trampoline. Madison would like to become a singer.

Jackson Range is the son of Sara and Peter Range. Jackson has a really positive attitude and outgoing personality that make his classmates really look up to him. Jackson loves to participate in his classes and has shown a great deal of responsibility. Jackson enjoys drawing cartoon people in strange situations with crazy features. At the top of Jackson's list of things to do would be going to Universal Studios and visit Area 51.

6 Blue

Ava Epstein is the daughter of Holly and Gary Epstein. Ava is kind-hearted and very welcoming to others. She participates in class, and you will always find her doing the right thing, even in difficult situations. She is very mature, hardworking and turns in quality work. Ava has one sister and she had two foreign exchange students last year. Ava likes to learn, her favorite class is literature. She enjoys reading, writing, baking and knitting. In her future she would like to become a playwright and see one of her shows performed.

Tyler Nelson is the son of Brian and Lisa Nelson. Tyler is a very mature, kind-hearted young man. He has taken on leadership roles with his peers and in the classroom. You will often find him participating and sharing thoughtful ideas in class. Tyler enjoys playing baseball, this year his team won the Gopher State Championship. He also plays golf with his mom, dad and sister who is in 11th grade. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Luedtke because she is super energetic.

Tyler would like to be a MLB player, get all A's and make new friends.

7 Gold

Grace Nekola is the daughter of James and Becky Nekola. Grace has brought forth many traits of character in Seven Gold. She is compassionate, creative and incredibly hard-working. Grace is truly a person of integrity and has a bright future ahead of her. Grace has always wanted to go to Juilliard and study the arts. She loves music, dance and special effects makeup. She enjoys performing for others because it makes people feel certain emotions. Grace would like to perform at Madison Square Garden, learn to play the drums and become a musician.

Gavin Kohel is the son of Chad Kohel and Alison and David Hirstein. Gavin is a considerate, young man who has a keen attention to detail. Responsible, hard-working and positivity are traits that encompass Gavin. We are proud to have him in Seven Gold. Gavin loves sports; his favorite class is either gateway to tech or math. He likes school but family and friends always come first to him. He would love to become an NFL running back or linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

7 Blue

Olivia Pizzi is the daughter of Holly and Jeff Pizzi. Olivia has an extremely positive attitude and pleasant smile all of the time. She is very responsible and a great role model for all students. Olivia's favorite is basketball, this summer her family painted the lines on her driveway. She also enjoys summer and all the warm weather. Olivia would like to always be positive and kind, and never judge anyone.

Jackson Puhalla is the son of Marnique and Patrick Puhalla. Jackson has gotten off to a very good start. He is new to our district and has transitioned very well. He advocates for himself and has built positive relationships with peers and adults. Jackson plays baseball and golf. His favorite position is short stop. He lives with his mom, dad, sister and his dog. In his future he would like to work for his dad's company, play for the MLB; get better at his subjects in school and invent something.

8 Blue

Elise Frisbie is the daughter of Matthew and Shari Frisbie. Elise is a very engaged learner. She pays attention in class and does her best on every task she's given. She is a group member and works well with other students in group situations as well as in large group settings. Elise loves dogs, she enjoys running cross-country, track, hiking and adventuring are always fun. She also enjoys playing the piano, gym and math. She tries to be positive. Elise would like to go rock climbing in the mountains and scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico. She would like to watch the track events at the Olympics.

Thomas Moua is the son of Thong Moua and Zonxee Lee. Thomas has done a great job participating in his classes. He works well in team situations and can be counted on to be a good group member too. He always has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to have in class.

Thomas loves to play soccer, on his free time he likes to travel, go camping and fishing. When he is older he would like to play soccer for team "Real Madrid." He would also like to visit Madrid, watch a pro soccer game, become better at soccer, travel the United Kingdom and meet his favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo.

8 Gold

Madeline Doerre is the daughter of Renee and Rob Doerre. Maddy is a fabulous student, full of energy and positivity. She makes valuable contributions to class and works very well with other students. Maddy also volunteers to help students with special needs deliver coffee in the mornings. She participates in multiple sports and is a natural leader. Maddy plays basketball and volleyball, her favorite food is tortellini. She has two sisters and a dog. She enjoys watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians." In her near future, Maddy would like to travel the world, try and learn new things. It is also a goal to travel to all continents.

Landin Masanz is the son of Kimberly and Jon Masanz. Landin is an awesome student. Landin is a very responsible and respectful student and has a great sense of humor. He is a leader in the classroom and is always willing to help other students. Landin is involved in sports and also volunteers to help students with special needs in their adaptive PE class.

Landin loves to play football, baseball and bowling. His favorite food is steak and pizza. Landin would like to go skydiving, be a professional bowler and baseball player.