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Meyer Middle School April Students of the Month

Pictured, front row, from left to right: Alison Laube, Griffin Cegielski, Morgan Kealy and Kenji Lor. Second row: Adriana Peterson, Ethan Graetz, Alex Koehn and Ava Redmond. Back row: Kyle Blair, Megan Hovde, Mya Callanan and Logan Zyduck. Photo submitted by Amy Edelman

6 Gold

Alison Laube is the daughter of Paul Laube and Krisan Shaw. Ali is an independent, silent leader in the classroom. You will always find her going above and beyond when doing any activity. She is empathetic, selfless and works well with everyone. Alison has one sister, and she enjoys playing softball. She likes the Packers and her favorite food is Spaghetti. Her favorite colors are orange and purple. Alison also enjoys fishing and swimming. In her future she would like to play softball in college, then become a Doctor or a forensic scientist.

Griffin Cegielski is the son of Kevin and Heather Cegielski. Griffin is very intelligent, hardworking and well-liked by his teachers and peers. He is often found on task. And takes pride in his work by paying attention to detail. Griffin's favorite sport is basketball; he also likes fishing and hunting. In his spare time he enjoys creating and putting things together. On his bucket list would be to go to Madison University, become an engineer, shoot his first turkey and make something useful.

6 Blue

Morgan Kealy is the daughter of Staci and Tim Schmidt and Mike and Sara Kealy.

Morgan has a very positive attitude that sets a great example for other students. She loves to participate in class and puts forth her best effort in everything she does. Morgan works well with student and is a pleasure to have in class. Morgan plays volleyball and basketball. She is also outgoing and loves to talk. In her future she would like to go on another cruise and go to the Bahamas and Bora Bora.

Kenji Lor is the son of Nou Yang and Tria Lor. Kenji is a very polite young man who cares about learning. He is a very responsible student who shows perseverance when faced with difficult tasks. Kenji plays football and enjoys watching the Packers. His favorite color is green.

In his future he would like to become an NFL player or be a police officer.

7 Gold

Adriana Petersen is the daughter of Sarah Binion and Steven Peterson. Adriana is hardworking, full of perseverance, and genuine are all aspects that encompass Adriana. She is never afraid to advocate for herself and others. Responsible and kind are her true strengths.

Adriana enjoys playing volleyball in the summer with her family. She also likes playing with her dog and her friends. She would really like to go to Paris and visit the Eifel tower. She would also like to start a bakery in France.

Ethan Graetz is the son of Jon and Kay Graetz. Ethan has a tremendous personality, who is well-liked by his peers and staff alike. Full of determination and insightfulness, his sense of humor is contagious, as well as being eager and enthusiastic for any school subject. Ethan plays the trumpet and enjoys playing basketball. In his future he would like to go to college in Madison, and then go to the NBA draft.

7 Blue

Ava Redmond is the daughter of Shelly Smith and Mischa Redmond. Ava is an eager student who always works hard in the classroom. She has a great sense of humor that keeps the environment light. Her compassion for others is contagious because she is always looking to help. Ava is a fun young lady to have in class. Ava loves to play sports and cheer on the Vikings and the Wild. She enjoys spending time with her family and hanging out with friends. Ava would like to become an architect.

Alexander Koehn is the son of Timothy and Rachelle Koehn. Alex is a polite, responsible young man who shows great listening skills in class and is always engaged. He is helpful to other students without any request from a classroom teacher. His respectful behavior is appreciated by his teachers. Alex's favorite sport is baseball; he is in Jazz band and has four pets at home. Alex would like to get an engineering degree from a good college; he would also like to go see a Giants baseball game. Alex would also enjoy going to a Jazz concert.

8 Blue

Mya Callanan is the daughter of Dan and Theresa Callanan. Mya is very helpful around MMS. She offers to help teachers and others. She is positive, upbeat, and friendly. She is responsible, reliable, and kind. We have really enjoyed having her in class. Mya enjoys playing sports and finds it easy to make friends due to moving so many times. Mya would like to travel to Australia to play soccer.

Logan Zyduck is the son of James and Debra Zyduck. Logan takes responsibility for all of his actions at MMS. He is polite and kind. He always asks for help when he needs it, and he puts forth his best effort every day. He has great manners. Logan's favorite thing to do is powerlifting, he also enjoys football. Logan is proud of being able to do a backflip off the ground.

8 Gold

Megan Hovde is the daughter of Melissa Voelker and Phil Hovde. Megan has improved so much this year and her teachers are so proud of her academic growth and kindness. Megan is a warm-hearted student who continues to do what is right for herself and others. She has proved herself to be a true student of character. Megan loves playing softball and hanging out with friends and family. She would like to make Varsity for softball, travel around the world and attend college.

Kyle Blair is the son of David and Patricia Blair. Kyle is more than ready for high school next year and is a great role model for his peers. Kyle is mature, intelligent, organized, and goes above and beyond with his academic work. Kyle perseveres when things get tough and comes to class when a great attitude and a smile on his face every day. Kyle plays football, basketball and track, football being his favorite. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends and family. Kyle would like to play college football, become an NFL player, work ESPN, and travel to Hawaii.