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Meyer Middle School March Students of the Month

Pictured front row, from left to right: Astrid Downey, Rebecca Randleman, Cameron Ulseth and Timothy Story. Second row: Kylie Kohl, Olivia Nelson and Justin Elsesser. Third row: Storm Jepsen, Michael Conway, Andreea Ghenciu and Samantha Burke. Not present: Zachary Karras and Matthew Montgomery. Submitted photo

6 Gold

Astrid Downey is the daughter of Margaret Downey and Craig Linnerud. Astrid is a very compassionate student who works well with everyone. Astrid goes the extra mile to make others feel comfortable. She puts her best effort forth in all of her classes. Astrid enjoys reading and writing stories. Her favorite subject is Social Studies. Astrid's favorite animal is a Puffin. She enjoys reading horror novels and retro comic books. In her future she would like to become an author, photographer or a journalist.

Tim Story is the son of Jason and Debra Story. Timothy is a very kind hearted young man. Tim is very polite and trustworthy. He puts forth his best effort in all his classes and is very good at asking for help when he needs it. Timothy enjoys musky fishing and painting. The top of Timothy's bucket list is to become a pro-fisherman.

Cameron Ulseth is the daughter of Lee and Nicole Ulseth. Cameron is a very conscientious learner who puts her best effort into everything she does. She is proactive about her learning and what she needs to do to be successful. She has a great attitude and is very respectful. Cami loves all subjects and enjoys reading. She boxes and swims. She has a sister and 2 dogs. Cami enjoys music and spending time with friends and family. She has a favorite quote, one that she wrote "You may be little, fragile and meek, but the more you explore the less you feel weak. The less that you see, the more you seek, the higher the mountain the better the Peak". Cami would like to graduate from an Ivy League college and become an engineer with NASA.

6 Blue

Rebecca Randleman is the daughter of Chad and Brenda Randleman. Becca is a silent leader, and will always be found doing the right thing. She is respectful, humble and an overall polite young lady. In class, she works hard and is very organized. Becca is a role model to many of her peers. Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family and friends, she also loves playing sports and outside. Her goal in life is to make everyone better than she found them.

Michael Conway is the son of Marie Conway and Matthew and Katie Conway. Michael is a considerate and understanding person. He is always engaged in the classroom, and is determined to do well. He is very detailed oriented and always turns in quality work. Michael is a joy to have in class. Michael has 3 siblings, a dog and a cat. Michael's favorite thing to do is play sports, he plays baseball and basketball. In Michael's future he would like to travel to all 50 states.

7 Gold

Kylie Kohl is the daughter of Jessica Thoen and Jeremy Kohl. Kylie is a genuine, sweet, intelligent young woman. She takes pride in her work, and is always willing to "go with the flow." Hard-working, kind and responsible are strengths that encompass Kylie. She enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends. Her favorite class is literature, favorite author is Stephen King, and favorite book is Pet Cemetery. Her goals are to meet her idols and graduate college to become a therapist.

Justin Elsesser is the son of Scott and Jennifer Elsesser. Justin strives to work hard, persevere and views the world in a compassionate manner. A sense of humor is a quality teachers and students alike appreciate in Justin. He consistently remains responsible and honest.

Justin enjoys playing soccer and biking with friends. In his future Justine would like to go skiing in Switzerland, and watch a soccer game in Europe.

7 Blue

Olivia Nelson is the daughter of Melissa and Danny Nelson. Olivia always has a positive attitude and can brighten any one's day. She is wonderful to have in class because she is focused and responsible. Olivia plays soccer, basketball and runs track. She likes to travel, be outdoors and hang out with friends and family. In her future she would like to skydive, go to another country and go on a road trip with friends.

Matthew Montgomery is nice to everyone. He is a smart kid and great artist. He is a silent leader in the classroom through his maturity and work ethic. Matthew is a family of 5, he enjoys reading, and his favorite series is Harry Potter. Matthew is also good with technology, having built his first computer December of 2016. He also draws scenery, buildings and people. Matthew says there are plenty of things he would like to achieve; the most import would be to be happy with himself.

8 Blue

Samantha Burke is the daughter of Michael and Angela Burke. Samantha is a very responsible student. She worked really hard to get caught up after being gone on vacation and then getting sick for a week. She is kind, polite, generous and sweet. Sam says she is not sky, she is determined to get her work done and she likes dogs. Sam would like to travel to at least 5 other continents.

Storm Jepsen is the son of Christi Jepsen. Storm has a very positive impact on people around him. He moved here during the year and did a great job fitting in. He works hard and is kind to everyone. Storm enjoys playing sports, he likes to run and help out his community. His goals for high school are to finish with a GPA of at least 3.8. He also would like to be a starting wide receiver in football. Storm would like to go to college at Ohio State and play football.

8 Gold

Andreea Ghenciu is the daughter of Peter and Ioana Ghenciu. Andreea is a mature and kind student who is an excellent role model for her peers. Andreea is diligent in her studies and proves to be an incredibly intelligent and hard-working student. Beyond her academic success, Andreea is a student of character who works well with just about anyone. Many people can call Andreea a friend and for good reason. This summer Andreea is looking forward to going to Romania, Paris and Italy. She likes to travel and try new things. She enjoys swimming and playing tennis. Florida is her favorite place, but she would like to go to Hawaii.

Zachary Karras is a resilient, responsible, creative, and incredibly kind student. Zachary excels in all content areas and exemplifies a student who takes ownership over his learning. He is curious and motivated to do well in every classroom he is in. His teachers are so impressed with Zach and cannot wait to see his success in high school. Zach plays baseball and has a lot of pets. He would like to be successful and become a billionaire.