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Middle school's Students of the Month named

Meyer Middle School Students of the Month for December are, front, from left: Jayda Kloss, Aidan Zomak and Elizabeth Kleist. Middle, Roman Davenport, Ethan Hull, Eric Luebke and Jada Pemble. Back, Ellen Hira, Foday Fofana, Kadence Zielski and Megan Edwards. Not shown is 8th grader Matthew Friemann. (Submitted photo)

Each month Meyer Middle School teachers and staff pick students who excel in various ways. For December, the recognized MMS students are:

6 Gold: Kadence Zielski is the daughter of Mike and Kathryn Zielski. Kadence is a model student. She puts her best effort into everything she does and has a great attitude. She comes to class very prepared and is a great classroom leader.

Kadence loves to dance at Helmer Studio. Her favorite subject is either language arts or social studies. Kadence would love to be a nurse who works with children. She would also like to be a dance coach.

6 Gold: Roman Davenport is the son of Jason and Paula Davenport. Roman has a great sense of humor and has adjusted very well to middle school. Roman works very well with other students and has a great attitude about everything he does. He puts his best effort forth in all his classes and is a pleasure to have in class.

Roman came from a Christian school in Hastings, Minn. Roman's hobby is art. He loves to make scenery art. He has a dog and a cat. His favorite subject is literature. On his bucket list he would like to make a robot that changes the future by helping people in some way.

6 Blue: Megan Edwards is the daughter of Kristin and John Edwards. Megan is sincere, works hard and participates in class. She is very detail oriented and has great organizational skills.

Megan likes soccer, running and reading. She loves to take trips across the country. In her free time she likes to dance and ski. She is thankful for Mrs. Olson, who inspires her to get good grades. Megan would like to become a lawyer.

6 Blue: Ethan Hull is the son of Jason and Tina Hull. Ethan is a hardworking, dedicated young man. He is kind, courteous and gets along with everyone. We love that he is respectful to adults and always puts in extra effort in the classroom.

Ethan came from an online public school to Meyer Middle School this year. Ethan plays hockey along with running track and playing baseball in the summer. His favorite class is literature because of the time he gets to read. If Ethan could do anything in his lifetime, he would want to own his own restaurant where he could chose all of the food.

7 Gold: Jada Pemble is the daughter of Renae Kurtz and Mike Pemble. Jada is a respectful young woman who strives to understand the world around her. She is conscientious and engaging in social justice.

Jada has the gift of being detail-oriented while also seeing the big picture. Jada likes being with animals. She has eleven animals at home, ranging from snakes to birds. She also loves painting. Art is her favorite subject. Mrs. King really helps Jada to be her best. Jada would love to go through high school with all A's so that she can go to a great college.

7 Gold: Foday Fofana is the son of Eden Mactavish. Foday is an extremely empathetic young man. He is one of the first students to lend a hand when people are in need. Foday strives to do his best and seems to have an optimistic outlook on life.

Foday's father passed away when he was in 4th grade. He feels it pushed him to do better in all of his sports, work harder, focus and do well in school. In Foday's future he would like to play in the NBA, be a therapist, and go to Ohio for spring break.

7 Blue: Ellen Hira is the daughter of Fran and Trina Hira. Ellen is a positive, kind young woman with a consistent smile on her face. She has a quiet demeanor but is not afraid to speak her mind. She gives great attention to details and always gives her best.

Ellen loves to play volleyball and piano. She also loves creating art. Her favorite subject is social studies. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. In her future she would like to travel the world and become a designer.

7 Blue: Eric Luebke is the son of Steve and Jennifer Luebke. Eric is kind and very helpful to staff and students. He has a great sense of humor and is very witty and clever.

Eric loves to draw and make films on his computer along with writing and playing short pieces of music. He is now auditioning for this year's musical. In Eric's future he would like to become a professional filmmaker and composer.

8 Blue: Elizabeth Kleist is the daughter of Justin and Alison Kleist. Lizzy is so helpful with all of her classmates when they have technology issues. She jumps up to help anyone in need. She is a great group member and works well with anyone.

Lizzy loves school and her family. She plays the alto saxophone. One of her mentors would have to be her band teacher, Mr. Coughlin. In her future she would like to take her family on a big vacation. She would like to do something to her help her sister who has Arthrogryposis. Elizabeth would like to become a dermatologist.

8 Blue: Matthew Friemann is the son of Brian and Nicole Friemann. Matthew is such a nice, polite young man. He has a lot of energy and adds a spark to any classroom he is in. He has been doing a great job in science, asking great questions and showing a lot of interest and drive.

Matthew enjoys his family, friends, cattle and snowboarding. He is 14 years old and enjoys math. On Matthew's bucket list is to get the top 5 at the Minnesota State Fair showing his cattle. He would like to stop world hunger.

8 Gold: Jayda Kloss is the daughter of Molly Kloss. Jayda is a thoughtful, independent, and responsible student. Her caring attitude and her willingness to work hard set a great example for her peers. Her teachers are so impressed with her maturity and kindness to others. Jayda loves to play volleyball. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Leitz. He is very funny yet serious at the same time.

Jayda would like to get all A's in her classes. She would also like to make varsity volleyball in high school.

8 Gold: Aidan Zomok is the son of Elizabeth Johnson and Peter Zomak. Aidan is inclusive, kind and hardworking in every class he is in. His teachers are impressed with his genuine personality and his ability to make everyone laugh.

Aidan loves basketball and enjoys helping others. He loves his family because they are funny and goofy. He would like to become an engineer so he can help others live an easier, better life.