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Students of the month selected at middle school

Students of the Month for March at Meyer Middle School include, in front row, from left: Jaxson Masanz, and Parrys Moten; second row: Emilee Evavold, Marie Domeyer, Emma Vik, and Annika Kornmann; and back row: Max Gehl, William O’Neill, Nick Otte, and Connor Hines.

Ten deserving students were recently recognized by their teachers from each grade level and house at Meyer Middle School during the month of March, due to the outstanding work and social and academic skills displayed in their respective classrooms.

Jaxson Masanz

Parrys Moten

Jaxson and Parrys have transitioned well to the middle school environment. In and outside of class they are respectful and very conscientious. They have a strong work ethic and are care about their learning. Jaxson and Parrys are always quick to lend a hand to someone in need. They show a kind and caring demeanor for their peers. 

Jaxson is the son of Jon and Kim Masanz. He plays baseball. He also loves to bowl and is pretty good at it. His proudest moment at MMS is getting straight A’s in third quarter. He has a very nice family and they enjoy playing board games together and also watching movies.

Parrys likes to sing and act. She also likes to hang out with her friends. Parrys loves her family and everything else. She says, “If you can’t handle her at her worst you do not deserve the best.” Her proudest moment was at her fifth grade concert. She was singing with a bunch of her friends. It was awesome! Her parents are Selena Moten and Ronald Meaux.

William O’Neill

Emilee Evavold

William is a hardworking student who is always polite and respectful of classmates and school staff. His work is always completed and in on time. He works well in team and uses his class time efficiently. He is the son of Alan and Jennifer O’Neill. He loves to play baseball and kayak. He also enjoys being with his family and friends. His favorite subject is science because he is always curious about how things work. He has two brothers and a sister who help him succeed because they push him to do well in life. One of his proudest moments was when his baseball team made it to the Minnesota State tournament. He was a surprise to his team because they had been losing their games. His family helped because they drove him and his brother to all of their practices and games and encouraged him to keep playing even when he wanted to quit.

Emilee is a hard worker and seeks out the reasons for why things happen. She seems to truly enjoy school and seeks opportunities for learning. She is a great classmate and friend to others and is a leader academically in the classroom.  Emilee likes to play volleyball and soccer. Her favorite subject in school is social studies and her favorite color is turquoise. She also likes to ski. Emilee has three siblings and two cats. Her proudest moment was when she held her baby sister for the first time. Her parents are Tara and Chris Evavold.

Marie Domeyer

Nick Otte

Marie is an excellent student! She enriches any class discussion she is a part of. Her great work ethic makes her a wonderful classroom leader. She plays volleyball and loves it. Her favorite subject in school is social studies. She has three brothers and one sister.  She is very proud for winning student of the month this year. She felt that this has been a better year for her. Her parents are Tina and Neal Domeyer

Nick has a wonderful heart! He is nice to all students and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Nick’s focus and determination help him excel in the classroom. Nick loves to play sports especially football and basketball. He likes to work with wood. He also likes to help his Dad with outside activities like running the 4-wheeler. One of his proudest moments was when he was hunting with his Dad. He was out on a ridge and saw deer running. After that they were his. It made him feel good. His parents are John and Joyce Otte.

Emma Vik

Max Gehl

Emma is a fabulous student, full of energy and positivity. She makes valuable contributions to class; works well with other students and always apologizes after hitting teachers in the face with volleyballs. 8 Gold is very happy to have her in their house. Her parents are Susan and Tom Vik. She likes to play sports, mainly basketball and volleyball. She likes to play golf with her grandpa in the summer. In the summer she enjoys going up North and kayaking on lakes with her family. Her favorite subject is language arts because Mrs. Reid is awesome and she enjoys the projects they do. Her proudest moment was last year when they received first place in their basketball tournament in New Richmond. She goes to Feed My Starving Children every year with friends and family, that is always very fun.

Max is a great new addition to the 8 Gold student body. After a recent move into the district, Max has acclimatized incredibly well and has become an important member of 8 Gold House. He is hard working, always respectful and gets along great with his peers. He likes to play baseball and football. Max also enjoys going camping in the summer with his family. He has a younger brother in fourth grade and an older sister that is a senior in high school. His parents are Andy and Glenda Gehl. His favorite class is language arts with Mrs. Reid. His proudest moment was making the AAA team for baseball.

Connor Hines

Annika Kornmann

Connor is a great kid to have in class. He is personable, fun, and energetic. He always asks for help when he needs it because he wants to do a good job on all of his assignments. He asks a lot of good questions in all of his classes. His parents are Darren and Christine Hines. He says he is an athletic, awesome person. He participated in football, track and wrestling. His favorite class is social studies with Mr. Cox. He has two brothers and a sister. His brothers are 24 and 13 and his sister is 19. He says when he grows up he wants to go into the military. Winning regionals and going to state in wrestling was a very proud moment for him.

Annika is such a positive person. She enters MMS every day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She puts a ton of effort into every single assignment. She was gone for a week on vacation and didn’t even miss a beat. She got all of her work made up immediately. She dances at Helmer Dance Studio and she also loves to sing. She is a straight A student and loves to talk to people. She has a little sister in 6 gold. Annika looks up to her dance teachers because they have taught her determination. Her mom has taught her to be independent. Her proudest moment was when she went on stage for her first solo.  She also is proud of being successful at school. She works really hard in her classes and works together with her peers. Her parents are Karen and Mark Kornmann.