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Give it up for Greenwood

Greenwood School volunteers, including students, take bags of things outside to a shopper’s car in the parking lot on April 26.

This year’s Saturday, April 26, Great Greenwood Giveaway drew a record turnout of nearly 900, with 600 people coming through the school doors during the first hour alone, according to Principal Nate Schurman.

Schurman said this was the highest turnout in the four years Greenwood has had held this school garage “sale.”

All items offered to the public from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. were free and collected by students and staff.

“Many staff and students worked very hard to do this for the people of our community,” Schurman said. “We also had quite a few staff members and students help out at the event.

“We were asked numerous times (during the Great Giveaway) to accept donations, but that’s not what this event is about. A main purpose is to help (our students) experience joy in giving without receiving.”