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Score! River Falls does on standardized tests

According to the latest WKCE scores, River Falls students score above the state average in every subject and sub-category.

That’s reassuring. It’s also somewhat expected since test results include the state’s large urban districts where scores generally trend lower.

River Falls Academic Services Director Mike Johnson said data from the latest standardized tests -- taken last October and early November -- are being used “to formulate schoolwide goals and objectives for the 2014-15 year.”

Johnson meets now with school building principals “to go over the positives and also areas of concerns.”

Overall River Falls stacks up better than most neighboring school districts and the state.

The following percentages show the number of district students attaining either advanced or proficient, the highest testing levels:

  • READING: River Falls, 59.9%; Hudson, 48.8%; Spring Valley, 47.8%; St. Croix Central, 46.2%; New Richmond, 44.3%; Prescott, 41.6%; Somerset, 41.4%; Ellsworth, 40.8%; STATE, 36.6%.
  • LANGUAGE ARTS: Hudson, 84.7%; River Falls, 83.4%; Prescott, 82.6%; St. Croix Central, 79.6%; Spring Valley, 78.8%; New Richmond, 78.7%; Ellsworth, 78.6%; Somerset, 78.3%; and STATE, 70.2%.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: River Falls, 94.1%; Hudson, 94%; Prescott, 92.7%; Somerset, 92.5%; Spring Valley, 90.9%; St. Croix Central and New Richmond, 90.1%; Ellsworth, 87.1%; and STATE, 83.2%.
  • SCIENCE: Hudson, 90.1%; Prescott, 90%; River Falls 89.1%; Ellsworth, 86.7%; New Richmond, 86.4%; St. Croix Central, 86.1%; Somerset, 85.1%; Spring Valley, 84.8%; and STATE, 76.5%.
  • MATH: Hudson, 65.9%; River Falls, 61.2%; Spring Valley, 56.6%; New Richmond, 56.3%; Prescott, 53.8%; St. Croix Central, 52.1%; STATE, 48.3%; and Somerset and Ellsworth, 46.5%.

For more on this story, please see the April 17 print River Falls Journal.

To access more test data, go to the DPI website at