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Students of the month selected at middle school

Students of the Month for February at Meyer Middle School include, in front row, from left: Olivia Bartlett, Joey Wachtler, Weston Moon, and Laura Hildreth; second row, from left: Nevaeh Peterson, Nathan Wolf, Eryn Herrera, Justin Graetz; back row, from left: Gina Filkins, Josh Koehn, Dylan Olson, and Cora Bibeau.

Twelve deserving students were recently recognized by their teachers from each grade level and house at Meyer Middle School during the month of February, due to the outstanding work and social and academic skills displayed in their respective classrooms.

Laura Hildreth

Weston Moon

Laura is one of the most kind hearted students in 6 Gold. She is a great leader in the classroom and works very well with others. Laura has a great attitude about learning and strives to do her best in everything. Laura loves reading, school and traveling. She also loves her dog, two cats and her sister. She plays tennis and enjoys her science class. Her proudest moment was when she finished a huge thick book that she had been reading for the past month and everyone was surprised that she was able to finish it in only two months. Then she was in advanced reading and super proud. Her parents are Julie King-Hildreth and Dennis Hildreth.

Weston has really turned into a leader in the classroom as the year has progressed. Weston shows a lot of interest in learning new things and his positive and enthusiastic attitude is contagious. He likes to play all sports. His favorite subject is science. He has two sisters and a brother. The Packers are his favorite football team. His proudest moment was when he got an A+ on a math test this year. Before that he has normally not gotten that good of a grade. His parents are Dan and Jennifer Moon.

Joey Wachtler

Olivia Bartlett

Joey Wachtler and Olivia Bartlett are kind and considerate of their peers. They are two kids that always have a great outlook of school and their peers. They are conscientious students who turn in high quality work. They show respect and earn that respect from their peers. Olivia and Joey are always quick to lend a hand to someone in need and fellow students notice that compassion. We're glad to have Joey and Olivia be a part of 6 Blue.

Olivia is the daughter of Amy Parnell and Jeffrey Bartlett. She loves to play sports with friends and also loves being with her family. She likes language arts and math. Olivia likes to listen to music and play on her iPad. Her favorite sports are soccer, basketball and volleyball. She also likes to play outside with her dog and her friends. She loved the first week of school at MMS because she had the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Joey likes outdoor activities. He also likes to go on trips with his family. There are seven people in his family, his parents Tera and Glen Wachtler, his brother Matthew, and his three sisters Rachel, Sydney and Grace who is his twin. One of his proudest moments was when he joined 4-H and they went to play bingo with the elderly. He held the door open and helped them and also told stories to them.

Nevaeh Peterson

Nathan Wolf

Nevaeh works hard, is persistent, enjoys learning and has a really good outlook of life. She is compassionate and very pleasant. She has a nice pleasant demeanor. Nevaeh is such a great addition to the 7 Gold House. She keeps things “real”.  Nevaeh is the daughter of Talaya Clark and Tony Peterson. She loves her friends and loves walking around and doing random fun things with them. She loves animals and Converse. Her name is heaven spelled backwards. Her proudest moment is when she won a lot of awards at the award ceremony last year. She selected this because everyone including her parents were proud of her and were happy for her. She was proud that she had worked hard enough to be recognized for those awards.

Nathan has recently become more involved in class discussions, volunteers in class, does a nice job asking for help when needed and has shown positive growth as the year has gone on. He is willing to take suggestions and makes a difference in his learning. Nathan is very respectful and has a positive attitude which makes having him in class a pleasure. Nathan loves sports and plays football and basketball. He likes the outdoors. Nathan goes fishing in the summer. His favorite class is social studies and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Nickleski. His proudest moment was when he won first in their basketball tournament. It was so exciting because it was the first time he had won a tournament. His parents are Jason and Jennifer Wolf.

Eryn Herrera

Justin Graetz

Eryn has a positive attitude. She is very responsible and always does her best work. Her 7 Blue teachers thank her for her efforts! Eryn’s parents are Meg and Joseph Herrera. She has been playing volleyball for five years, going on six. She has two siblings her 10-year old sister (Isa) Isabella and 8-year old brother Asher. She loves her dog Olive. She is currently in Rage volleyball. They played the older girls in practice and creamed them. She and her team were very happy. From then on they played them in every tournament and were put in the 14’s bracket.

Justin is attentive in class. He always works hard to do his best and he accepts challenges well. The 7 Blue House applauds his efforts in class. Justin is the son of Jon and Kay Graetz. He likes to go to school and learn new things every day. His favorite subjects are math and science. He also likes to read books. His proudest moment was when he won the citizenship badge in 6 Gold last year.

Josh Koehn

Gina Filkins

Josh Koehn is an awesome student whose enthusiasm and positive energy make him stand. He is always smiling and always ready to work hard. Josh has one brother and one sister. He also has two dogs, four cats and a hamster named “Smalls.”  He plays baseball and basketball and also enjoys skiing and playing outside. His proudest moment was in seventh grade. His baseball team was down by one, the bases were loaded and he was up to bat. On the second pitch he swung at the ball and hit a grand slam! His parents are Tim and Rachael Koehn.

Gina Filkins has been a wonderful contributor this year. She is a valuable member and participant within our classrooms and has also been a fantastic member of the yearbook team. Gina loves to play soccer. Her parents are Louie and Patti Filkins and her sister is Danni and brother Sam. Her favorite subject in school is science and she loves the outdoors! She says that Meyer Middle School is a great school to be a part of. The staff and students here are incredible. Everyone is so helpful and supportive. You will never feel left out.

Dylan Olson

Cora Bibeau

Dylan is a burst of positive energy in every classroom. He is always smiling and enjoys being in class. His energy rubs off on his classmates. He also knows when to get serious and get to work. He works extremely well with his classmates on various assignments, discussions, and projects. He can be counted on to pull his weight and be helpful to his group members. He is truly a pleasure to have in class. Dylan gets good grades and tries his hardest in school. He also thinks of himself as a responsible person to get all of his homework done. His favorite sport is basketball and he loves playing it. His proudest moment was standing up for one of his friends who was being bullied. His parents are Thomas and Debbie Olson.

Cora is a very talented writer and a reflective and serious student. Her brain is always working overtime, and you can tell this by just looking at her during class. She turns in top-notch work for every single assignment and can be counted on to be a leader in any group she's in. Her group members can always count on her to stay on task and help them produce the very best piece of work possible. Cora is the daughter of Scott and Jean Bibeau. She is a hard working student. She takes pride in getting good grades and tries very hard in school. She is in band and always makes sure she finishes her homework on time. Her proudest moment was getting a one at Solo and Ensemble for Band for the first time this past fall.