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Students of the month selected at middle school

Students of the Month for January at Meyer Middle School include, in front row, from left: Adam Quick, Bobby Tulgren, and Andrew Skaare; second row, from left: Kassidy Snell, Hunter Campbell, Joseph Madsen, and Abby Larson; back row, from left: Danielle Ertsgaard, Eliza Medina Contreras, Elisabeth Oberlin, Dana Craig, and Julia Paschke. Not pictured: Nathan Price.

Thirteen deserving students were recently recognized by their teachers from each grade level and house at Meyer Middle School during the month of January, due to the outstanding work and social and academic skills displayed in their respective classrooms.

Julia Paschke

Abby Larson

Hunter Campbell

Julia puts forth a lot of effort in all of her classes. She has a great attitude and works well with other students. Julia is the daughter of Joanna and Mark Paschke. Her favorite sport is basketball and her favorite class is Spanish. Julia likes going on vacation with her family. She also loves to eat ice cream and hang out with friends. One of her proudest moments was when she was playing for her basketball team and she stole the ball, went in for a layup and scored.

Abby has a really positive attitude in school. She is a quiet leader in the classroom and loves to participate in classrooms discussions. She loves playing basketball and hanging out with her friends. She also plays volleyball. Abby is a true animal lover. Her proudest moment was also in basketball when she made a buzzer beater shot. Her parents are Kevin and Gail Larson.

Hunter is a great example in the classroom. He is excited about learning and leads by his actions and is very thorough with his work. In group work he is very respectful to his peers and is a positive leader. Hunter tries very hard in school. He is very creative and loves to draw. He also has fun with his family in and outdoors. He finds school to be pretty easy for him. His proudest moment was when he had to help a teacher out in class.  His parents are Patti and Chris Campbell

Eliza Medina Contreras

Joseph Madsen

Eliza Medina Contreras joined MMS the first few days of school. She knew very little English; not more than a few words. Since that time the gains she has made are incredible. Eliza is an extremely hard working student; she goes far above and beyond what we would normally expect from another student in her situation. Reading paragraphs in front of the class and homework completed to the same level as her peers, all in English, is commonplace for her. The growth that she has made is commendable. Her parents are Yocogta Tackett and Earl Tackett. She likes to play volleyball and soccer. She also likes to be creative with all of her classes. She likes Meyer Middle School because all of her teachers are very nice to her. One of her proudest moments took place last year. She came to River Falls to start school. The first day of school was the perfect day to begin learning English. Many of the students would talk to her but she did not understand English as she came here from the Dominican Republic. Now she knows how to speak with her friends and teachers.

Joseph Madsen is a model young citizen. He's a great student who puts a lot of effort and time into the work that he does. More importantly, he's great role model and quiet leader for many of his peers. He goes out of his way to show compassion and care for those around him. He's very deserving of this award. Joseph likes to play basketball. He has two dogs and a cat. He also has a younger sister who attends Greenwood. His favorite moment was when his basketball team took first place in the River Falls tournament. He is the son of Michelle and Randy Madsen.

Adam Quick

Kassidy Snell

Adam is very accepting of other students and has a very positive attitude. He is a good writer and cares about doing quality work. Adam goes above and beyond of what is expected of him. His parents are Corey and Julia Quick. He spends most of his free time playing his instruments (baritone, valve trombone, flute and piano). He is also teaching himself a bit of Japanese. One of his proudest moments was at his home when he learned how to play the flute just by teaching himself. It was not easy but he does not mind a challenge.

Kassidy is a hard worker and is also very respectful and responsible. She is a great student overall and is very accepting of others and is a great friend. She is the daughter of Ryan and Tanya Snell. Kassidy loves gymnastics and soccer. She has two brothers, a sister and also a cat and a dog. One of her proudest moments was when she was able to put a new skill in her floor routine. She stuck it the very first time!

Dana Craig

Bobby Tulgren

Dana Craig and Bobby Tulgren are both exceptional students who take their academic life seriously. They are clearly at school to learn and set a positive example for their peers. Both Dana and Bobby are great role models in treating others with respect and kindness. The 7 Blue teachers appreciate their leadership and commitment in the 7 Blue House!

Dana is the daughter of Kim and Mike Craig. Her entire life is basically based around basketball and music. She has been involved in basketball for seven years now and has been playing guitar since she was in fourth grade. Dana is excited to someday travel the world. One of her biggest dreams is to go to Brazil. She has been saving for it since she was six years old. One of the proudest moments for her was the first time she performed at a guitar showcase. She got on stage and played and sang to “Mary’s Song” by Taylor Swift. At the end of the performance she was so happy and proud of herself that she was crying. She knew she wanted to play music for the rest of her life.

Bobby loves soccer and has played since kindergarten. He is also involved with the Boy Scouts of America helping out our community. His parents are Heidi and Bob Tulgren. One of his proudest moments was when he assisted with an Easter Seals camp. He was able to clean and fix things before the campers arrived.

Elisabeth Oberlin

Andrew Skaare

Elisabeth, (Lizzy) is as hard-working and dedicated as it gets. She manages ice-skating, school work and power lifting with dexterity and through careful planning.  Kindness is also a trait we associate with Lizzy. Her respect for all of her peers is evident every day. She is the daughter of Jo and Ty Oberlin. She is a power lifter and a competitive figure skater. She is also a participant in Forensics and Teens as Teachers at MMS. One of her proudest moments took place this year. Lizzy spoke during the MMS Veterans Day service in the honor of her uncle Frank. It really hit home when she asked everyone in the audience who were affected by the military to please rise. Almost everyone in the gym stood. That moment spoke volumes for our community and brought tears to her eyes.

Andrew is a positive, hardworking student with a great attitude and sense of work ethic. He has an even greater laugh. He makes those around him smile and laugh too! Andrew loves to go camping and be outside. He also likes to watch the Olympics and TV. He strives to get good grades. His favorite color is orange. A proud moment for him was being on the A honor roll. He is also a volunteer for the high school band and helps out with their fundraisers. His parents are Kevin and Nadine Skaare.

Nathan Price

Danielle Ertsgaard

Nathan takes responsibility for his education. He seeks help when he is not sure what to do for an assignment or project. He is a great group member and participates in small and large group discussions and activities. Other students look up to him and admire him for his character. He has positive relationships with staff and students throughout the building. Nathan likes to play baseball and basketball. He has lived in Arizona, New Jersey and Wisconsin. He loves to go boating in the summer. He was very proud to receive Student of the Month. He is the son of Rick and Jenny Price.

Dani is a quiet leader. She sets such a good example for her classmates every day. She is positive, helpful, kind and engaging. She works very hard on every single assignment, asking questions when she needs help or clarification. Her teachers can count on her to give her best and stay on task. She is involved in The Music Man (middle school musical), jazz band, confirmation and select choir. She also enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with family and friends.  Her parents are Todd and Melissa Ertsgaard. She was proud of getting leaderships roles. Most recently she was selected to be one of the captains on one of the volleyball teams for gym class.