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Students compete in speech competition

Shown, from left, back row: Lauren Marsollek, Westside Elementary; Carolyn Decheine, Rocky Branch Elementary; Olivia Bell, Rocky Branch Elementary; and Christopher Chapin, Rocky Branch Elementary; front row: Abby Fry, Rocky Branch Elementary; Wade Benedict, Westside Elementary; and Cecilia Downey, Westside Elementary. 1 / 2
The first place winner in the Elementary Division was Abby Fry from Rocky Branch Elementary with her speech “Algae Blooms are Not Pretty Flowers.” Carolyn Decheine of Rocky Branch Elementary took second place with her speech entitled “Save the Water-Don’t Waste the Water.” And Olivia Bell of Rocky Branch Elementary School took third place with her speech entitled “Honey Bee Killer: CCD.” Shown, from left: Carolyn Decheine, Olivia Bell, and Abby Fry.2 / 2

The St. Croix County Community Development Committee & Resource Management Department recently sponsored the 2014 Conservation Speaking Contest.  The Contest was held on Thursday, Feb. 13, in Baldwin at the Agricultural Service and Education Center. Contestants were asked to research a current, local environmental topic and prepare a speech on it. Seven contestants participated from River Falls schools.