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“E:” Not entertainment, but new wave education


The district’s just formed virtual charter school now has a name: River Falls eSchool.

Academic Services Director Mike Johnson, the school’s top administrator, says the “e” part of the name means “electronic.”

River Falls eSchool will be available starting next fall for students in grades 6-12.

“We wish to offer this to our district students, St. Bridget’s students included, who desire a full-time alternative or a part-time supplement to middle school, high school, Renaissance, another virtual school in Wisconsin or home school,” said Johnson.

For interested River Falls parents and students, Johnson is the one to contact about eSchool enrollment -- by phone at 715-425-1800, ext. 1102, or by email at

“We construct a student schedule with the courses offered by our regular teaching staff and with the virtual courses with a LEG -- local education guide,” Johnson said.

The eSchool signup also includes out-of-district students who apply through the state’s open-enrollment process.

Only a set number of classes will be offered through the River Falls eSchool. Johnson added that others will also be available through Wisconsin Virtual School.

Locally, about 12 local teachers will participate in the River Falls eSchool.

Regarding local eSchool instruction, Johnson said: “There are certain teachers who are certified and have the requisite talent and experience to teach their present courses and any course in their departmental curriculum.”

While there are a few dozen other virtual schools statewide, Johnson touted what River Falls will soon offer.

“The ability of our staff to deliver activities online via our learning management system, ‘Schoology,’ the talent of our grades 6-12 (and some elementary) staff in various disciplines and virtual learning, and the support we can give these students in a blended or pure online format is not easily matched in other virtual schools,” Johnson said.

For the complete story, please see the Feb. 20 print edition of the River Falls Journal.