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Students of the month selected at middle school

Students of the Month for December at Meyer Middle School include, in front row, from left: Alex Kelm, Allison Pizzi, Keydan Horvath, and Gus Boles; second row, from left: Spencer Cernohous, Casey Schlatter, Maren Mielke, Josie Nelson, and Dominick Jackson; back row, from left: Max Morro, Branwyn Walker, Olivia Campbell, and Michael Rebozo.

Thirteen deserving students were recently recognized by their teachers from each grade level and house at Meyer Middle School during the month of December, due to the outstanding work and social and academic skills displayed in their respective classrooms.

Dominick Jackson

Casey Schlatter

Josie Nelson

Dominick is very easy to get along with. He is very conscientious about his school work and he is not afraid to take risks. His parents are Nate Jackson and Petrona Melgarejo. He lives for playing hockey. He has a great team and coach. He also enjoys snowmobiling, four wheeling and snowboarding.

Casey is a really hard working student that has a great attitude. She is always willing to help others and is a pleasure to have in class. Casey just moved here from Des Moines, Iowa. She loves to play soccer. Casey also enjoys reading and lists her favorite class as literature. She would like to play soccer again in the spring and try a new position like defense or goalie.

Josie is a very hard working and responsible student. She is an extremely talented writer and goes above and beyond expectations in all of her classes. Her parents are Dan and Melissa Nelson. She has a younger sister and brother who go to Westside. She loves gymnastics. Her favorite thing to do is go to hockey games with her Dad. She would like to get good grades and to continue to turn homework in on time.

Spencer Cernohous

Maren Mielke

Having Spencer be a part of the 6 Blue House has been such a pleasure this year. He is a quiet leader and role model for students in class as well as in our school. Spencer is an active student who participates in a variety of sports. The 6 Blue staff are very proud of how well Spencer has transitioned into the middle school. He likes to play football, basketball and baseball. Some of his hobbies are ultimate Frisbee and to go outside and hang with his family. He also likes to visit friends and relatives. He would like to improve his football catching skills and to also empty his pockets before he puts his clothes in the washing machine. His parents are Chad Cernohous and Melissa Krupa.

Maren continues to excel as we move through the second quarter of the year. She puts a lot of effort and hard work into her assignments, and pays close attention to detail. Not only is Maren involved with her studies in her core classes but she is also a member of the sixth grade band. Her teachers are excited to see where the rest of the year takes her! She is a swimmer and also loves art and having fun with her friends. Some day she would like to own an Alpaca. Her favorite classes are language arts and social studies. She would like to get A time in the 50 breast stroke. Her parents are Dean and Katie Mielke.

Keydan Horvath

Alex Kelm

Keydan is a hard worker and quiet leader. She is very responsible, respectful and respectable. She has an ability to be a self-starter and great independent worker. She is the daughter of Kelly and Dan Horvath. She likes to play volleyball and spending time with her family and friends. Keydan would like to thank her family and teachers for helping her throughout her school years. In the upcoming year she would like to get all A’s and be a good person. She would also like to read more books and learn new things.

Alex is responsible for his own learning. He is a hard worker who is willing to ask questions if necessary. He is always willing to help others without being asked. Alex is a good role model to his peers and is a very compassionate individual. He loves to play sports like baseball and football. Sports are his life. He looks up to all of his family members, especially his mom and dad, Nolakay Williamson and Steve Kelm. His goals for the rest of the year would be to get all A’s and make the AAA team for baseball.

Allison Pizzi

Gus Boles

Allison is an extremely kind hearted person. She is nice to all of her peers and is always willing to help out in the classroom. She comes to class focused and ready to learn. Allison is a wonderful student! Her parents are Holly and Jeff Pizzi. She loves to play basketball and be with her friends. She is a good student but would like to improve in math. She has a sister Olivia who is in third grade. Mrs. Velure was her favorite middle school teacher. Her personal goals for this year are to improve in basketball and make the A team.

Gus is as hard working and focused as they come. He is a silent leader in the classroom and is always interested and ready to learn. He is the son of Robin and Tyler Boles. He likes to ski and skateboard. His favorite color is black.

Olivia Campbell

Michael Rebozo

Olivia is a great student whose hard work, determination, and endless positivity make her a standout student. She is a ray of sunshine. We also admire her whiteboard art skills and love that she has a pet pig, Oliver! Olivia’s parents are Gary and Dawn Campbell. She has a sister MacKenzie and a brother Ethan. She likes to play basketball and participate in cross country. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She would like to maintain a 4.0 and continue all the way through high school if possible.

Michael is a student whose personality and sense of humor keeps our classrooms interesting. He is respectful of others and kind to his friends. A pleasure to have in class! Michael likes being outside, being active and playing sports with his friends. He would like to make varsity in wrestling and go to state. He also wants to play football. Getting good grades the rest of the year and all the way through high school would be a great accomplishment. He is the son of Lissa Schneider-Rebozo and Mike Rebozo.

Branwyn Walker

Max Morrow

@t:Branwyn is a really good thinker. She comes up with insightful ideas to share with her class. She is very emotionally mature and is not too concerned with the drama that can sometimes swirl around middle school. She has the intellect to support herself above the fray. Her father is Doug Meyers and her mother Jessica Walker. She is a very ambitious person that if her teachers have something in mind it will be done. She is also a person of logic and intelligence that is something she holds dear. She owes all of this to her parents and her ambition. Her goals for this year are to be ready to pass the N5 level of the Japanese proficiency test. She would also like to reach the brown belt status in the Japanese martial arts of judo.

Max adds a lot of positive energy to the classroom. He is a really hard worker. He is happy every day and comes in the door ready to work and participate. Max works well with other students and also staff. He is a fun kid! His parents are Jeff and Susan Morrow. He loves sports and hanging out with friends and doing anything outdoors. He would like to make the varsity hockey team as a freshman and go to a good college. Max would also like to have a good career that he enjoys.