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St. Bridget second term honor roll students noted

Academic excellence is listed with the names of St. Bridget Parish School students below.

To make the honor roll, the following grade point averages were required for each mark: A = 3.66 to 4.0; B = 3.0 to 3.65.

Grade 6

A honor roll

Gage Espanet and Olivia Miller

B honor roll

Christopher Beadles, Julia Boissonneault, Maddie Buck, Jessica Lindall, and Angel Montgomery

Grade 7

A honor roll

Rayna Dixen and Mara Parsons

B honor roll

Devlin Laidlaw, Timmy Leary, Chantelle Santos, Sophia Willger, and Claire Wulf

Grade 8

A honor roll

Aaron Baillargeon, Megan Cernohous, Victoria Malec, Danielle Miller, ‘Emalata Pupungatoa, Sophia Swenson, and Delaney Welke

B honor roll

Shannon Moran, Morgan Steckbauer, and Dylan Wittek