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Hudson council votes 5-1 against St. Croix Meadows rezoning

Students in Hudson will not be going to school at a place where adults used to bet on dog races.

The Hudson City Council voted 5-to-1 last night against re-zoning the former St. Croix Meadows greyhound track.

Voters in April agreed to let the Hudson School District buy the property for $8.25 million.

School officials said it would have created more space, and relieved pressure at the current middle- and high schools - both of which are at-or-over capacity.

City officials didn't want to give up the 130-acre site. They said it could generate up to $1.2 million a year in property taxes, if it was developed for commercial use.

The school district disagreed. It hired consultants which found that the dog track site was not a desirable place for a business project.