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UW La Crosse to allow co-ed dorm suites

Oh, how times have changed. In the 1970s, Wisconsin college dorm residents were just starting to earn the right to have friends from the opposite sex visit their rooms. Now, UW La Crosse is poised to let students of different genders live together in suite-style residence halls, starting this fall.

Campus residence life director Nick Nicklaus tells Wisconsin Public Radio that La Crosse will also provide space for lesbian, gay, and transgendered couples. He says the school wants to provide a safe and comfortable place for all students to live - and it will be, "one less worry that's taken off their plate" while they focus on their academic experience.

UW Madison is also offering a new living option next semester called "Open House - Gender Learning Community." It will be open to students of all sexual orientations and backgrounds, and they'll take part in weekly seminars.

The UW Board of Regents prohibits co-ed housing as a statewide policy, so each campus needs approval from its chancellor for dorm-living arrangements.