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How is that pronounced?

Anyone who needs help pronouncing the names of some places in Wisconsin now have a way to get it.

The State Cartographer's Office and have launched an interactive map called "Pronounce Wisconsin." Users can put a computer mouse over one of 1,700 places on the map and hear how the name of that place is pronounced.

The site can be accessed from computers and mobile devices. Pronounce Wisconsin was started by the cartographer's office and Wisconsin Radio Network reporter and anchor Jackie Johnson. She started more than six years ago, and it includes pronunciations for communities, parks, places, elected officials, and other things unique to Wisconsin.

That site - as well as the new map - will also help people catch the state's many quirks. For example, a small town spelled Rio east of Portage is pronounced "Rye-Oh" - and not "Ree-Oh."

For more information, go to the state cartographer's Web site and click on the Pronounce Wisconsin tab to the right.