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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Madison organization tangles with Alabama school board

A school board in Alabama says it will keep letting a person known as the "Bible Man" read the Bible to grade-school kids each month, despite objections from Madison's Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The Jackson County School Board in Scottsboro Ala., met for an hour before deciding to let Horace Turner Junior continue his monthly assemblies. The meetings are voluntary, but Annie Laurie Gaylor of the Freedom from Religion Foundation says elementary kids cannot discern what's voluntary and what's not, and the courts back her up.

She also said public schools are, "not to be a conduit for missionaries." But an Alabama legislator says parents who object to the "Bible Man" should pull their kids out of school and teach them at home.

Republican Senator Shadrick McGill says God is needed in government and public schools and quote, "The more we trend away from God, the more we suffer -- morally and spiritually."