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This Sunday: Meet, listen to 'Kinnickinnic Country' authors

Don Richards and Mark Wyman will present their new book "Kinnickinnic Country: River Falls in the Forties and Fifties," at 2 p.m. Sunday in the downstairs Collins Community Room of the public library. The 165-page book sells for $15. All proceeds will go to support the River Falls Library Foundation, which helps pay for various library programs, equipment, exhibits and speakers.

Richards and Wyman grew up in River Falls after World War II. They talk about those growing-up experiences in the book, which also includes anecdotes gleaned from interviews, plus lots of old pictures and news excerpts from the River Falls Journal.

Today Richards is mayor of River Falls. Wyman is a published author and retired history professor from Illinois State University.

Wyman, the main writer of "Kinnickinnic Country," says this about the local book and the history it depicts:

"It was a time of the loss of many of the broader River Falls community's young men to the war, a time when large numbers of River Falls poeple volunteered to scan the skies to watch for German or Japanese or -- in the 1950s -- Soviet bombers traveling to attack the Twin Cities.

"And it was a time when the college underwent phenomenal growth, when farm life changed sharply, and when the community launched a serious attack on the sewer that the river had become."

Richards and Wyman say their book would make a good companion piece to another local history book that came out in the mid-1990s: "Kinnickinnic Years: 1930s and early 1940s," by John Prucha and Bud Foss.