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Students of the Month selected at middle school

Students of the Month at Meyer Middle School for September included, from left to right, seated: Emma Benusa, Mikayla Hansen, Riley Tschumper and Emily Oja. Standing, from left to right: Carly Wunrow, Emily Gjerde, Colton Jones, Kenny Oberlin, Tori Forseth and Tom Smisek. Not pictured: Evan Hedeen and Mitchell Favor. Vera Roy-Stoeberl photo

Twelve students were recently recognized by their teachers from each grade level and house at Meyer Middle School during the month of September, due to the outstanding work and social and academic skills displayed in their respective classrooms.

Emily Oja, Mitchell Favor

Emily Oja and Mitchell Favor were selected by their 6 Blue House teachers.

Each month 6 Blue House has a theme for students, which helps the teachers select their Students of the Month. The theme for September was "Adjustment to Middle School and Supportive to Others."

Both Emily and Mitchell have made wonderful adjustments at coming to Meyer Middle School, from schedules to lockers, from procedures to requirements. They are also very responsible, respectful and supportive of others.

Emily and Mitchell take part in class and are conscientious in completing their work. They are both off to a good start for the school year.

Emily is the daughter of Brent and Michele Oja.

She likes to play soccer, dance and hang out with her friends.

Being selected as Student of the Month made her feel great. It lets her know that she is doing well in school.

She likes all of her many teacher at MMS, however her favorite classes are social studies and science. Science experiments are fun to do and she enjoys learning about the world in social studies.

Her goals for this year are to get good grades in school and have fun.

The most impressive thing she has learned so far is about animal behavior.

Mitchell is the son of Richard Favor. He loves his music class and really enjoys working with the key boards to learn music.

His favorite sport is baseball. He also likes to play football with friends.

Mitchell was very honored to receive Student of the Month honors.

He likes his guided study class which gives him time to work on his home work rather than have to do it at night.

One of his goals this year was to be Student of the Month. Another is to keep up on his school work this year.

Mitchell has learned that in band sometimes you might have a bad day but not to let that change the things that you like.

Emma Benusa, Riley Tschumper

6 Gold House teachers selected Emma Benusa and Riley Tschumper as their first Students of the Month for the 2009-2010 school year.

Emma works very hard in all of her classes. She has a positive attitude and works well with others. She also has a great sense of humor.

Emma is a pleasure for her 6 Gold House teachers to have in class.

Social studies and science are two of her favorite classes. They are fun and she loves learning all the cool scientific things about our planet and world.

She felt awesome when she learned she was Student of the Month. It shows her that she is doing well in 6th grade.

She especially enjoys traveling through the halls and seeing her friends and her brother. Getting good grades and being a good student are her goals for this year.

She would like everyone to know that she loves middle school.

Her parents are Jon and Natalie Benusa.

She also likes to play soccer and hang with her friends.

Riley is very excited about receiving Student of the Month in 6 Gold House. He hopes to continue his hard work for the rest of the year. The best part of his school day is how friendly, nice and helpful his teachers are.

He wants to work hard this year and achieve straight As. He realized this year how much he enjoys and accomplishes in social studies.

He also enjoys his science class and the hands on experiments.

When not working hard on school work he is busy with football, baseball, playing the guitar and farming chickens.

He is the son of Rachel and Greg Tschumper.

Evan Hedeen, Carly Wunrow

Evan Hedeen and Carly Wunrow have both been chosen as 7 Blue House Students of the Month. They exude exceptional qualities both academically and socially.

Carly and Evan are hard working, contentious and friendly students. They respect their peers and teachers each and every day. They both contribute to the positive atmosphere at MMS.

Evan puts effort and dedication into everything he does. Not only is he a smart student, but he is willing to work hard toward continued learning.

Evan is very kind to others and always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. He is also willing to share his ideas in class, adding to the classroom learning environment.

His parents are Jim and Twyla Hedeen.

He really enjoys Ms. Deluca's social studies class. He says that she gives a whole new meaning to the subject. He always looks forward to social studies.

It was a great feeling for him to receive Student of the Month. It is the second time for him already in middle school.

One of his goals this year is to take more notes.

He was impressed to learn that pathology is the study of disease causing organisms.

He likes to snowboard, golf and play baseball.

Carly stands out at Meyer Middle School not only for her academic achievements, but also for her positive and friendly attitude. Carly always comes to class prepared and ready to learn. She is a silent leader in the classroom, displaying class and confidence in all she does.

Carly is also very considerate of others and greets everyone with a friendly smile.

Carly's parents are Dan and Cathy Wunrow.

She also selected social studies as her favorite class at MMS. She enjoys the fun and upbeat activities that they do in class. She has really enjoyed the unit about Egypt.

She was very happy and proud that her hard work has definitely paid off. The best part of her day at MMS is switching from class to class and seeing a new teacher every class period.

Her goal for this year is to try to get involved in more clubs and sports.

The most impressive thing she has learned so far is that in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia only the boys were allowed to go to school. She is really happy that that is not how it is now in the USA.

Carly enjoys taking part in soccer, and ski club. She also likes to read, doing anything that involves the outdoors and hanging out with her family and friends.

Both Evan and Carly are great leaders and role models for other 7th grade students. They display great qualities both inside and outside of the classroom. The teachers of 7 Blue House greatly appreciate the wonderful attributes that Evan and Carly bring to their house and the effort they put forth every day.

Mikayla Hansen, Kenny Oberlin

The 7 Gold House teachers selected Mikayla Hansen as their Student of the Month because she is friendly, helpful and is a great peer mentor to others. In addition to this, she is a great leader both in the classroom as well as in her social networks including friendship groups and sports.

She is also very strong academically, even though she is not always too fond of the subjects that she is working on. No matter what it is though, when given a task Mikayla is very creative and puts in a great amount of work and does a fantastic job with the tasks she is asked to do.

Mikayla's parents are Rick and Shelly Hansen.

She felt pretty good about receiving Student of the Month. It was nice to know that her efforts were recognized by her teachers.

Science and social studies are great classes for her. She likes her gym class because you can still talk in class while having fun and playing games.

Her goal this year is to get all As and be more involved in school.

One thing she didn't realize was that with basketball and cross-country it is a challenge to keep up with her homework. She loves basketball and softball. She also loves to go out and work on farms. She is very involved in 4-H and FFA.

Kenny Oberlin, the other 7 Gold House teachers' choice, is an extremely respectful student with a great witty sense of humor. He does a great job of showing respect toward others, both to his classmates and teachers.

He is very considerate to others and always seems to have a positive outlook on whatever he is doing. In addition to all of this Kenny also is one of our students that excel academically.

Ty and Jomarie Oberlin are Kenny's parents.

He felt very good about being named Student of the Month and was pleased to have his teachers recognize him in a positive way.

Kenny likes hands on activities and working on the computer. The gateway to technology class offers him many opportunities to do just that.

The best part of his day is his gym class because he enjoys working hard, doing his best and also it releases a lot of energy.

He wants to maintain a 4.0 GPA this year and be recognized on the "A" honor roll.

One of the things he has already learned this year is that playing football every day is a little bit tiring. He still enjoys football, also soccer and playing video games.

Tom Smisek, Emily Gjerde

Tom Smisek was selected by his 8 Blue House teachers because he is not only a great participator in his classes but he also helps keep his classes interesting by adding to discussions. He brings a positive attitude to his classes.

Tom has excellent manners and gets along well with staff and students.

His parents are Tom Smisek and Michele McKnelly.

Science is his favorite class because it is fun and he already has quite a bit of knowledge already of what he is studying.

He was very surprised to receive Student of the Month. He did not think he had done anything that would make him stand out to his teachers, but he must have.

Cross country practice has been a very enjoyable part of each day at MMS. He doesn't think that he is the best at it but he really enjoys it.

One of his goals this year was to participate in cross country and the other is to get an A in algebra all four quarters this year.

The most impressive thing he has learned so far this year is that the closest absolutely zero ever achieved in a lab was like 0000000625 degrees Kelvin.

Emily Gjerde was selected by her teachers because she always out her best effort into everything she does. She is kind, conscientious and polite.

She adds a lot to her 8 Blue House classes by taking part and offering insight to her classmates.

Emily is the daughter of Tim and Rachel Gjerde.

She also selected science as her favorite class because she loves to do the experiments and predict the outcome.

She wants to say thanks to her teachers in 8 Blue House for selecting her as SOM. It is so great to be recognized for her work.

Emily enjoys all of her classes. Her teachers always make it interesting so it is hard to choose what she likes best in her day. She enjoys it all.

One of her goals this year was to be Student of the Month. Now she wants to focus on keeping her grades in the A range.

In social studies she is learning about the way European colonization affected the Native Americans and it was shocking to find out that more Native Americans died from disease than Jewish persons in the Holocaust.

She enjoys taking part in cross country, track, soccer, tennis and she also loves to play the guitar and writing.

Tori Forseth, Colton Jones

Tori Forseth was nominated for a number of reasons. First, she is an enthusiastic student who comes to class with a great attitude towards work and seemingly endless positivity. Her cheerful demeanor and lively personality are very much appreciated by her teachers.

In addition, she is a dedicated student who works hard to produce excellent pieces of work.

Whether working independently or alone, Tori always gets the job done well. The 8 Gold House teaching team is impressed and hopes that she keeps up the great work.

Language arts is Tori's favorite class because she really likes writing and it is a great way to let off some steam.

Being selected Student of the Month is definitely a big honor. There are approximately 120 students in her house and she was fortunate to be selected.

Socializing with, talking and hanging out with her friends in between classes and lunch is a favorite part of her day. She has many friends in her classes which makes it a lot of fun.

One of her goals this year is to be more organized.

One of the most impressive things she has learned already this year is persuasive writing in language arts. She thought it was crazy how many ways advertisements try to catch our eyes with persuasive writing.

Colton Jones has been a stand out to the 8 Gold House teachers for being a dedicated and hard working student. His attention and focus in class is appreciated by his teachers, as are his valuable contributions to classroom activities and discussions. Colton always has something to say and an opinion to state. He makes his points strongly while maintaining respect for others point of view.

The 8 Gold House teaching team is very impressed, and they hope that this sound work ethic and self-discipline continues throughout the rest of the year. Colton is off to a great start.

Social studies is his favorite class because it involves history which is one of his favorite hobbies.

He was honored that his teachers selected him when there are so many deserving students in 8 Gold House.

Colton really likes the block schedule because he is able to get all of his home work done in class.

His goal this year is to get all As and Bs on his report cards.

He was surprised to learn that on the WKCE tests spelling only accounts for very little on your overall language arts score.

He enjoys taking part in football, baseball, wrestling, loves to fish, collect coins and plays Airsoft.

His parents are Tom and Lisa Jones.