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Mrs. Brady's Top 10

Just for fun, retiring middle school teacher Diane Brady was asked some of her favorite, funniest, most memorable "things" that have been part of her career as an educator

Most favorite class: Other than this year's class which Brady says has kept her laughing more than any other year, she has stayed in touch with and been closest to students in the classes of 1996, 2003 and 2004.

Most favorite cafeteria food: "I don't often eat here, but it's got to be the antipasto salad. They really do a good job with that," Brady said.

Most favorite historical period: "I love the Roaring '20s," said Brady. "I can do a really mean Charleston."

Favorite teacher no longer with us: "That's got to be Patti Belfiori," Brady said. "I was just getting to know her better when she got sick. She sincerely cared about the kids, and especially kids with problems."

Favorite class outing: "My trips to Washington, D.C.," Brady said were the best, although they were fun. "It's like having a slumber party with 75 eighth-graders." The best part about trips to the nation's capital was that traveling there made everything she taught come to life.

Best invention: The computer, said Brady. "How wonderful it's been to be able to pull information off the Internet. It's really helped everyone so much."

Best school innovation: "That LCD (liquid crystal display) machine, hands down," Brady said. "It's up out of the way," she said pointing to the visual aid on the ceiling, "and it's so much easier than those old fashioned projectors we used to use."

Favorite subject to teach: American history

Colleague she learned the most from: "Mary Ellen Dwyer," began Brady. "That's when I first started teaching back in Waukesha. I was a brand new teacher and we did team teaching. She was such a good role model."

Funniest item she was not supposed to find in the classroom: "I still laugh about it today. I found a note a kid had written to his girlfriend. It said, 'I love you, for Christ's sak.' And that's how it was spelled -- S A K. I'll never forget that one."