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Students of the Month noted at MMS

Fourteen students were recently recognized by their teachers from each grade level and house at Meyer Middle School during the month of January, due to the outstanding work and social and academic skills displayed in their respective classrooms.

Zach King, Lexy Getschel, Danielle Weber

Zach King, Lexy Getschel and Danielle Weber were selected as Students of the Month from the 6 Blue House. According to their teachers, each was chosen because they met the month goal of being honest, respectful and responsible in class. Each has also shown growth from the beginning of the year. Their confidence has improved, and they have all become extremely determined to succeed through self-motivation. Their teachers said they exhibit tolerance of others and are accepting of their peers. They also possess a wonderful sense of humor, which makes having them in class a pleasure.

Zach King is the son of Carol Schwartz and Jeff King. According to Zach, his favorite class is gateway to technology because he is very good at it. Receiving Student of the Month honors was totally unexpected, said Zach. He says that every school day at Meyer Middle School is exciting and would tell any new student that MMS is a good school where you can easily make new friends. Zach's hobbies include building models, playing video games and playing the saxophone.

Lexy Getchel was very happy that her teachers selected her this month for being herself. She says MMS teachers very nice and understanding, and for new students, the layout of the school is pretty easy to learn. Lexy loves passing time at school because she has time to get her stuff and catch up with her friends. She says she loves science because she learns about all of the different cells and organisms in the world. Lexy's parents are Keith and Cara Getchel. She listed basketball, soccer, skiing as her favorite sports and being with her friends before school as her favorite pastime.

Danielle was honored that 6 Blue House teachers selected her as Student of the Month. She said it was one of her goals and one she is happy she was able to achieve. Danielle says the favorite part of her day is social studies class because it is fun and Mrs. Luedtke is such an awesome teacher. She'd tell a new student that Meyer Middle School has great lunch meals, great teachers and cool reward days! In her free time Danielle loves to play volleyball and go camping. She is the daughter of Dianna and Brian Weber.

Joe Gehler, Dani Olsen

The 6 Gold House teachers selected Joe Gehler and Dani Olsen as their January Students of the Month.

According to those teachers, Joe turns in high quality work, he takes an active part in class and pushes himself to a higher level of thinking. All that sets a good example for his classmates. Joe's parents are Coni and Kevin Gehler. He says science is his favorite class because he likes the experiments and learning about the universe. He especially likes the silent reading in his literature class. Joe said he'd advise a new student that Meyer Middle School has amazing teachers and getting around the building isn't nearly as intimidating as it seems at first. He said it felt great to receive Student of the Month recognition because it was a goal he had hoped to achieve. When Joe is not busy at school, he enjoys playing chess, tennis, skiing and playing card games.

Dani Olsen's teachers describe her as a great kid. They say she is very helpful and works well with others. Dani takes part in class and turns in high quality work. She says that math comes easy for her and yet, at the same time, it is challenging, and she appreciates the help she gets from her math teacher. Dani enjoys taking part in dance, basketball and bowling. She said she was very honored to be named Student of the Month. It made her feel very good about herself. She would tell a new student that MMS is a fun school, the teachers are all really nice and that they will fit in here. In addition, the lockers are easy to open. Wendy and Chad Olsen are Dani's parents.

Jordan Maier, Reilly Myklebust, Kaija Warner

7 Blue House teachers picked three January Students of the Month: Jordan Maier, Reilly Myklebust and Kaija Warner.

The trio was selected because of their positive attitudes and the caring personalities they've shown all year. Jordan, Reilly and Kaija's teachers said they consistently demonstrate excellence in academics and in work habits and study skills. When teachers or other students need help, they are quick to volunteer. They've enjoyed getting to know them and look forward to spending the rest of the school year with them.

Jordan's parents are Tom and Pam Maier. He said he was very happy and excited to represent 7 Blue House. His favorite classes are math and social studies because they are so fun and they do lots of great activities. Jordan likes to go snowmobiling and four-wheeling in his spare time. The best part about his day at MMS is lunch and recess. He would tell new students that Meyer Middle School is a great school because you don't get a lot of homework, the teachers are really nice and you can have a lot of fun.

Reilly loves learning about space, chemistry and all the other cool things like matter, human biology, etc., associated with her science class. She said was honored and happy to be awarded Student of the Month. She could hardly believe it, especially because there are so many students to choose from in 7 Blue House. She loves the afternoon at MMS because that is when she has her core classes and the school day is half over. Reilly would tell new students that all the teachers at MMS are great, you usually don't get too much homework, and you get to do really fun projects. Everyone is so nice including staff and students. She enjoys taking part in gymnastics, karate, soccer, softball, swimming, cross country, skiing, 4-H, choir and band. Her busy parents are Alice Reilly-Myklebust and Per Myklebust.

Kaija says when she learned she had been selected by her teachers, she felt happy and proud.Her favorite part about MMS is her jazz band on Wednesday mornings. She says that Meyer Middle School is a really fun school and the teachers are awesome and lists band and jazz band as her favorite classes. She loves playing the clarinet and tenor sax. She enjoys the fact they play some really fun songs. Kaija is the daughter of Linda Jacobson and Bill Warner. Soccer, swimming, band, 4-H cooking and reading are her favorite pastimes.

Reed Blasius, Alexandra Ronnestrand

7 Gold House honored Reed Blasius and Alexandra Ronnestrand as their Students of the Month.

Reed was selected by his teachers because he is a conscientious hard worker. They say he sets a positive example for others, is a very self-motivated and polite student, and is a pleasure to have in class. Reed is the son of Russ and Chris Blasius. He likes his language arts class because he likes writing and the class is exciting. When he was told about his Student of the Month recognition, Reed said he was surprised and honored. He said he loves coming to school everyday to learn and also to see his friends. According to Reed, new students would be happy to find that there are a lot of activities to be involved in at MMS and the teachers are awesome. He enjoys playing basketball and football in his free time.

According to her teachers, Alexandra is a caring, very kind and polite student. They've found her to be a hard worker who sets a positive example for other students. Her parents are Clinton and Michelle Ronnestrand. When it comes to picking her favorite classes, Alexandra listed social studies, science and gym because she loves history, running and enjoys learning about cells and the human anatomy.When she's not learning in those classes, she plays volleyball, karate and also enjoys reading. Alexandra said she was really happy that she finally was chosen as student of the month. She works hard no matter what, but receiving Student of the Month honors was thrilling. The best part about Meyer Middle School is that the teachers are all so very nice and it is a great place to learn. She would tell a new student that the students here are great, and the principal is the best. The teachers are really understanding and great. Anyone attending MMS will love it here. Every day is great. You may be in gloom one day, but everyone here will help you through it.

Isaac Dzubay, Kari Emholtz

Teachers picked Isaac Dzubay and Kari Emholtz as recipients for 8 Blue House January Students of the Month honors.

Teachers have noticed that Isaac is committed to doing well academically. His homework is always done to the best of his ability, and he has an excellent sense of humor that keeps everyone entertained. They say Isaac is a great thinker and is always interested in being challenged in the classroom.Steve and Sue Dzubay are his parents. Isaac said he was surprised and honored that his teachers selected him. He picked algebra as his favorite subject because it is challenging and fun. The best part about Meyer Middle School is being able to talk to his friends and his teachers. He views his teachers as more than just teachers. He encourages new students at Meyer Middle School to take as many classes as they can so they don't miss anything. According to Issac, Meyer Middle School is a fun place to be. Some of his favorite activities include football, basketball and forensics. He also enjoys hunting and fishing.

Isaac's classmate, Kari Emholtz, is a very sweet young lady, say her teachers. She has done an excellent job on the yearbook this year. They've watch her put forth a lot of effort in everything she does here everyday. In addition, she is kind and considerate to staff and students. She is a pleasure to have in class and does very well academically. Kari says she enjoys hanging out with her friends at school and also learning something new and different everyday. Her parents are Karen and Chris Emholtz. Math is a lot of fun and she finds it to also be exciting. Kari said she was very honored to be chosen as Student of the Month. This is a first for her and she thought it was fun. She would tell a new student that they should be organized for classes and that it is exciting to be here.

Martin Walker, Katelyn Hackman

Martin Walker and Katelyn Hackman are Students of the Month in 8 Gold House.

Martin has impressed all of his teachers with his levels of insight, understanding, and effort this year. They said he is a talented student who can think on a deep and analytical level and can articulate his thoughts very clearly both in writing and verbally. Teachers have noted that Martin is an excellent contributor to events, such as the 8 Gold House Colonial Times Debates. His contributions to class are always valuable, and his sense of humor is intact at all times. Martin thought it felt nice that his teachers selected him for Student of the Month. He would tell a new student that the teachers here are very approachable and it is a supportive environment. John and Rose Walker are his parents. According to Martin, math is his favorite class at MMS because it is so challenging. He was very appreciative that his teachers selected him as Student of the Month. When he's not busy at school, he likes to play basketball, soccer and also likes to read.

Katelyn's teachers say she is an extremely hard worker whose efforts never seem to wane. She works really well with other students and is always willing to speak and present in front of a class, something other students avoid. They've also noticed that Katelyn is also extremely polite and respectful at all times, and her behavior in class is exemplary. Her positivity and her smile are definitely appreciated by her friends, teachers and peers. Katelyn says she was very honored to be chosen. She enjoys seeing and visiting with friends during lunch, and would tell any new student that MMS is fun. Everyone is very nice here, says Katelyn. She likes to play softball, volleyball and she also enjoys playing the piano when she's not busy with schoolwork. Katelyn picked social studies is her favorite class. That's because she likes learning things about different places. Her proud parents are Ivan and Brenda Hackman.