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These students start off new year of achievements

Meyer Middle School announces its Students of the Month for the month of January. The students were chosen on the basis of outstanding work on an individual project or for outstanding performance and attitude on an ongoing basis.

Alex Huset, Lindsey Squire, Maddie Wagner

There were three students recognized by teachers in the 6 Blue House. They are Alex Huset, Lindsey Squire and Maddie Wagner.

Each of them met 6 Blue's theme of being honest, respectful and responsible, and were selected for the following reasons:

Alex Huset's teachers say he is determined, motivated, has a high-level of perseverance, and is a wonderful participator in class. His parents are Susan Martin and Gregory Huset. Alex has been nominated five times this year and he was very excited the whole time, but he says the real thing is just that much better. Math is his favorite class at MMS because it challenges his brain. He has played the guitar for three years and says he feels very happy when he plays it.

According to her teachers, Lindsey Squire is conscientious, mature and has excellent manners.Being selected as Student of the Month made her feel important at school and that makes her feel good. Being selected by her teachers made her feel that her efforts are recognized and that makes her feel very good about herself. "There are so many students at Meyer Middle School that it is not easy to stand out and being Student of the Month tells you that you do stand out among your peers," she says. Social studies is Lindsey's favorite class because she enjoys learning about other parts of the world and their people.Her parents are John and Monique Squire. In her free time Lindsey likes to play basketball, volleyball and hang out with her friends.

Maddie Wagner's teachers chose her because they say she is conscientious, turns in high quality work, and is positive and upbeat.Maddie is the daughter of Kristi and Dave Wagner. She was very proud and felt good about herself when learning she had received Student of the Month for January. She now knows that the teachers notice she has been working hard towards achieving it every month. Like her fellow classmate, Lindsey Squire, social studies is also Maddie's favorite class because she likes learning about history and the past. She is very active in soccer, 4-H, hanging out with friends and playing the saxophone.

Emily Sorenson, Jackson VanDerWagen

Emily Sorenson and Jackson VanDerWagen were selected as Students of the Month by 6 Gold House teachers.

According to her teachers, Emily always turns in high quality work. She works well with others. Her teachers like how Emily goes above and beyond what is required in the classroom. Emily gets along with everyone and sets a fine example for her peers.

Emily is the daughter of Deb and Dave Sorenson. Social studies is her favorite class at Meyer Middle School. Emily says she was very proud and excited to be selected this month. She has been nominated every month and was happy to finally receive it. She plays softball, volleyball, 4-H, enjoys being with animals and playing the trombone and piano.

Jackson consistently does his best on school assignments, say his teachers. They've noted how he actively participates in class discussions. He is a hard worker and a pleasure to have in class. Jackson says it really felt good to be selected this month. He also has been nominated in the past but has never been the finalist. His parents are Mike and Julie VanDerWagen. When asked about his favorite class, Jackson chose math. He says it is a class that you have to work hard at and it is difficult for many students. Football is Jackson's favorite sport.

Elaine Gallenberg, Lucas Henk

Elaine Gallenberg and Lucas Henk have been chosen from the 7 Blue House.

According to their teachers, both Elaine ("Lainey") and Lucas are hard working in the classroom and are excellent role-models for their peers. They both are very respectful to their classmates and teachers. Lainey's teachers have noticed how she always takes the extra time needed to succeed in the classroom. Lainey takes pride in perfecting the work she turns in. She always seems to find time in her busy schedule to fulfill her classroom responsibilities. They like how she always has a cheerful disposition around students and teachers. Lainey's parents are Pam and Dale Gallenberg. She picked math and gym are her favorite classes at school. Math is challenging and she feels great when she is able to complete a problem that she has been struggling with. Lainey enjoys being active in gym and it is fun getting to learn new sports and games in class. She said it was very special that her teachers selected her out of so many students in 7 Blue House. She has hoped that she would receive the award. In her free time, Lainey enjoys playing basketball, softball, running and playing the piano.

Lucas' teachers like the way he is very polite student and great at participating in class. He takes his classroom responsibilities very seriously and never has to be reminded to finish his work. He comes to class with a positive attitude that projects well with students and teachers. Lucas was very excited and proud to be chosen by 7 Blue House faculty. He felt deserving of the award because he has done very well in all parts of class and activities. Science is his favorite class because it is fun and interesting. He also enjoys taking part in football, baseball and learning about history. His parents are Patrick and Caroline Henk.

Sam Idrissi, Taylor Kittleson

Sam Idrissi and Taylor Kittleson represent the 7 Gold House teachers' picks.

They say Sam has a very positive attitude, is outgoing and gets along well with everyone. He is also very organized, insightful and participates enthusiastically in class. His parents are Mary Rohl, Jaafar Idrissi and Byran Mclain. Social studies is his favorite class because it is interesting and fun. He enjoys reading, swimming and solo/ensemble in his free time.

According to Taylor's teachers, she likes to learn, has a great attitude and has high expectations for herself. She is involved in many school activities. She takes part in class and shows great leadership skills. When asked about her favorite classes, Taylor picked science and choir. She is very interested in human anatomy and learning new things is always exciting. Taylor also loves singing and singing many different kinds of songs. She has learned a lot in both classes. Taylor was very proud that her teachers selected her. She said she works very hard at her grades and activities. Taylor is on a traveling volleyball team and also takes part in forensics, the musical, jazz band, select choir and solo ensemble. Spending time with her family is also very important to her. Her parents are Kent and Jodi Kittleson.

Billy Kucinski, Annie Yelk

8 Blue House teachers chose Billy Kucinski and Annie Yelk as Students of the Month for January.

They say Billy is a pleasure to have in class. He constantly participates in class and adds a lot of insight to class discussions. He is motivated to do well and takes a lot of pride in his work. Billy is the son of John and Nora Kucinski. He was very happy and surprised to be selected as Student of the Month. It is the first time he has received it. He's already had a great year and this award makes it even better. He is very active participating in basketball, football and baseball. He also likes to skateboard, snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But above all, Billy says science is his favorite class because it is always new and the labs are fun.

According to her teachers, Annie is a fine student who is interested in learning. She was willing to share her love of Native American dance with the rest of 8 Blue House. She is an inspiration to her classmates with her positive attitude and optimistic outlook. Her parents are Carol Ladd and Thomas Yelk. Annie says gym and science are her favorite classes because you get to move around in gym and you get to do experiments in science. She is very active participating in soccer, tennis, rock collecting, drama, singing and hanging out with her friends. Being chosen by her teachers made her feel that she had really accomplished something. She has been nominated every year, at least three times but never received it. She was very pleased to finally be the finalist.

Kasey Manche, Paul Haskins

8 Gold House teachers selected Kasey Manche and Paul Haskins.

Kasey is a superb student whose efforts in all subject areas are appreciated. Her grades are always exceptionally high and she commits herself completely to any task. Kasey also excelled in the recent Colonial Debates, proving herself to be a fierce competitor and she was runner-up in the Night Essay contest. She is the daughter of John and Kathy Manche. When it comes to favorites, language arts is her favorite class. That's because she loves to write and her teacher challenges her to do her absolute best. Kasey is very thankful to all of her teachers for this opportunity. She would like to give all of them a big hug. She is honored that her teachers selected her. She is very busy playing in the percussion section of band, playing the piano, taking part in drama, forensics and swimming.

Paul's teachers call him an exceptional member of 8 Gold House who always impresses them and his peers alike with his creativity and originality. He emerged as a debating superstar during the recent Colonial Times Debate. He also won the 8 Gold Night Essay contest. His teachers describe him as a pleasure to have in class and his work wonderful to behold. His parents are Paul and Sally Haskins. Paul said he was honored that his teachers would consider him to be Student of the Month. He was lucky to have won it before and has been working hard to get it this year. Language arts is his favorite class because it spurs creativity and requires the imagination. Paul keeps busy taking part in drama, cross country, track, making movies and unicycling.