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River Falls Police: Sushi thief; driving on the ball field

Vaping in the bathroom

River Falls police were called to River Falls High School Oct. 20 where a student had allegedly "vaped" in a bathroom. A search of the student's backpack revealed a vape-device that contained nicotine fluid. The teen allegedly admitted to having the nicotine product in his possession and was given a $73.60 citation. One of the teen's parents was also informed of the citation.

Traffic stop yields arrest

Aaron Allan Addison, 38, River Falls, was cited for operating without a valid license, second offense, possession of marijuana, and arrested for a probation hold at 2:09 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, at 2:09 a.m. Addison was seen by police crossing the double yellow centerline of the road while driving on Second Street near Maple Street. Addison also turned onto Maple Street, then turned left onto Main Street without signaling the turn. Police pulled him over and allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. The officer could also see "loose leafy material" in the center console area.

Addison allegedly turned over to police a beverage can with leafy green material sprinkled into it, and a black fabric lunch box with marijuana inside. A small gem bag of marijuana was also found inside the car.

Addison was arrested for possession of marijuana. Upon arriving at the police station, police learned Addison was on probation for a possession of marijuana violation. Addison allegedly admitted to using marijuana but did not say anything about where he purchased it, and said he did not sell it. His records indicate he has a "Gangster Disciples" tattoo. He allegedly told police he was no longer an active member. He also had a black bandanna hanging out of his pocket, which he told police was "because he gets sweaty." He was cited $200 for OWL second offense. He was taken to Pierce County Jail.

Watching cars go by

Alex James Ward, 19, Hudson, was arrested for a warrant and possession of methamphetamine at 5:43 a.m. Oct. 21. He and two others were seen standing in the WestWind Supper Club lot watching vehicles closely as they drove by and near the American Legion. A records check revealed a Wisconsin Department of Corrections probation warrant out for Ward's arrest, as well as a St. Croix County warrant. Ward was arrested. What allegedly appeared to be a small steak knife was found in his front pocket. A small baggie of what appeared to be meth was also allegedly found in his possession.

Traffic cone troubles

Justin David Andersen, 36, Coon Rapids, Minnesota, was cited $124 for operating without a valid license at 10:48 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21. Police were sent to Highway 35 near Coulee Road for a report of a driver, later identified as Andersen, driving unsafely. Andersen was allegedly driving all over the roadway and striking traffic cones on or around I-94. Police located and followed Andersen's vehicle and observed him fail to yield to another vehicle when the vehicle attempted to merge when the road went from four to two lanes. He also swerved within his lane of traffic. When pulled over, he allegedly told police he had been in an accident after striking some traffic cones and had difficulty controlling his vehicle due to bald tires and possible vehicle suspension problem. Andersen also did not have a valid Minnesota or Wisconsin driver's license.

Yelling in public

Johnathon Brady Isbill, 20, River Falls, was cited $187 for disorderly conduct at 1:41 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 22. Police on patrol in the area of Bowen's Garage heard Isbill "screaming profanities at the top of his lungs." He was located near Pizza Hut, shouting profanities and making gestures as if he was going to punch someone. He was allegedly walking toward and yelling at a couple who were walking toward an officer's patrol vehicle near the Pizza Hut parking lot. An officer told Isbill to stop and he did; he appeared drunk. Isbill said he had been arguing with an ex-girlfriend. The couple said Isbill was yelling at his ex girlfriend, who was crying, and the other man stepped in and told Isbill to stop yelling at his ex and go home.

Public urination

Taylor Dane Mueller, 26, St. Paul, Minnesota, was cited $124 for public urination at 2:35 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 22. Police observed Mueller urinating in a doorway on Maple Street. He had a .16 result on a preliminary breath test.

Traffic troubles

• Erika Mae Patterson, 27, River Falls, was cited $124 for operating a motor vehicle without insurance after being involved in a rear-ending accident at 2:55 p.m. Monday, Oct .23 at West Cemetery Road and Greenwood Valley Drive. Patterson told police she doesn't have insurance.

• David Michael Nelson, 34, River Falls, was cited $250 for operating while revoked at 2:06 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24.

Driving on the ball field

An Ellsworth juvenile, was cited for a parks traffic violation and trespass notice on Oct. 23. At about 8:49 p.m., a complainant reported a vehicle driving around the baseball field portion of Glen Park. Police contacted the owner of the vehicle, the juvenile driver's grandmother, who called the teenager and sent him back to Glen Park to talk with police. The teen said he and his friend drove in the grass across the baseball fields because they were bored. The teen also said he would not do it again. He was cited $98.80 for parks-traffic violation for driving across the baseball field, and was given a trespass notice for Glen Park.

'It's not mine'

Justin Cadimer Myhre, 20, River Falls was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia at 7:22 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25. A police officer saw a vehicle operating with loud exhaust and something hanging from the rearview mirror obstructing the view. Police pulled over the vehicle, driven by Myhre, at Division and Fremont streets. He reportedly removed several necklaces from the rearview mirror immediately and told police he knew his exhaust was loud but didn't have the money to fix it. Police smelled marijuana coming from within the vehicle.

After searching, police found a baggie with a green leafy substance, two blue pipes with burnt residue, and an AWS scale. Myhre was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. He allegedly told police that the pipes did not belong to him and he "had no idea" they were in his vehicle. He also told police that he thinks it is "stupid" that marijuana isn't legal in Wisconsin and that he does smoke but hadn't that night.

When police asked why the marijuana and pipes were easily found in his car without him knowing, he said he guessed someone else might have put it in there.He was cited $187 for possession of drug paraphernalia, booked, and released.

Damage to property

A window and frame were pushed into a building last week at Structural Engineering, 112 E. Maple St. Upon inspecting, officers said it appeared the window and frame were pushed in, but no one actually entered the building.


• A dumpster was reported missing from United Methodist Church, 127 S. Second St., on Monday, Oct. 23. The dumpster was last seen on Friday, Oct. 21. The value of the dumpster was reportedly $1,500, according to Waste Management, which owns the dumpster.

• Herbert Joseph Wunar, Jr., 31, Chicago, was arrested for retail theft at 6 p.m. Oct. 25. Police were sent to look for a suspect that had fled from Family Fresh wearing a green sweatshirt, black vest, black pants, black hat and black backpack. He was found on Main Street between Church and Charlotte streets, with two containers of sushi, which can only be found at Family Fresh. He did not stop when an officer asked him to stop, even when the officer called out "Stop! Police!" Wunar finally stopped when the officer caught up with him and grabbed the handle of his backpack. He admitted to stealing two containers of sushi from Family Fresh due to his card being declined. He was arrested, and the sushi was returned to Family Fresh. As he was from Chicago, Illinois, he was taken to Pierce County Jail.