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Police Beat: Suspect had 'absurd amount of aliases'

A policeman downtown heard someone yell “officer”! He turned and saw a northbound car without lights pass through the Main/Maple intersection before 2 a.m. Friday, March 10.

The car was soon stopped. The driver and two male passengers lit up cigarettes. Inside were two open cases of beer.

The 22-year-old Woodville driver gave the officer what was described as an “obviously fake” international driving document with another name.

A Spanish-speaking Roberts cop was brought in to help with communications.

The driver insisted he was a U.S. Citizen. He allegedly refused to give a breath sample or do field sobriety tests, merely sticking out his wrists in an “arrest me” gesture. His passengers were identified by their passports.

The man was never properly identified until fingerprinted at Pierce County Jail in Ellsworth.

There it was found he'd been convicted of one DWI, two others were pending, there was a warrant for his arrest, he wasn't supposed to drive without an ignition interlock device he didn't have, and that he had an “absurd amount of aliases.”

Pierce Judge Joe Boles OK'd a search warrant so that police could get the man's blood sample at River Falls Area Hospital.

The latest drunk driving and driving while revoked charges against the 22-year-old man will be heard at 10 a.m. April 17 in Pierce County Circuit Court.

River Falls police also:

--Cited an 18-year-old local man for disorderly conduct at 417 S. Wasson Lane, a rental address, Tuesday night, March 7. The man was upset by someone continually ringing his doorbell. He confronted another tenant, allegedly pulled out a spring-assisted knife, opened it, said, 'This better not happen again.'

--Cited a 47-year-old local woman for shoplifting at ShopKo, 1777 Paulson Road, before 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 7, for allegedly stealing two pairs of earrings. The woman bought other things, was monitored, then stopped while leaving ShopKo. She was brought back inside. The earrings were allegedly found stuffed in her socks.

--Are investigating the recent theft of a Red Wing-made beige five-gallon pottery crock from the front porch of a home at 136 Cemetery Road. The 100-pound jug, valued at $246, had a number “5” on it.

More Police Beat details can be found in the March 16 print issue of the River Falls Journal.