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Shoeless shoe thieves stopped by off-duty police officer, deputy

Two women allegedly walked into ShopKo Friday afternoon without shoes, then walked out wearing unpaid-for store shoes.

They wouldn’t stop for a store security clerk, then got chased by an off-duty police officer who happened to be at ShopKo before attending a colleague’s wedding.

The shoes thieves were identified as a 50-year-old River Falls woman and a 35-year-old Prescott woman. They allegedly also stole other shoes besides the ones on their feet.

The off-duty officer, who identified herself as a cop, tried to get the two shoe thieves to give up in the parking lot. They allegedly ran to their car and started it.

The River Falls officer pursued. She was with an off-duty sheriff’s deputy who was to be married later that day.

The officer reached in, scuffled with the 50-year-old River Falls driver, before removing the keys from the ignition. The Prescott woman was a passenger.

The officer and the deputy held the two women until on-duty police officers arrived to cuff and formally arrest the female suspects.

Both had been free on felony bail bonds. The shoplifting incident violated their bail. They were taken to county jail in Hudson.

The off-duty officer had her arm cut while trying to subdue the shoplifter trying to drive away.

She went to the hospital, was treated and still made it for her colleague’s wedding that day.

For more, please see Police Beat in the Aug. 14 print issue of the River Falls Journal.