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What starts in the park, after a graveyard detour, ends in the park as softball players come to the rescue

A 24-year-old local man fleeing police through Hoffman Park ball fields was finally tackled in the dirt by a softball player. He was joined by his teammates in subduing the suspect until River Falls officers caught up.

This took place Monday night, July 28. Earlier that night the man, with a male passenger, had allegedly run over a bike at Hoffman Park before hitting a no-parking sign as he sped away.

He and his passenger were found nearby at Greenwood Cemetery. They were allegedly lying near a tombstone with a bottle of liquor while “visiting an uncle.”

The 24-year-old man, shirtless, was forcibly arrested as he resisted and screamed at officers. At the police station he allegedly made threats about taking police out and that he was a dangerous man from California.

The man, whose first name is Mitch, said he would also sue police because an officer had called him “bitch” instead.

After being given citations for drunk driving, hit-and-run and disorderly conduct, the man was released to the sober care of his father.

However, he allegedly jumped out of his dad’s car while it was moving and somehow returned to Hoffman Park. There he was said to be harassing campers before police showed up and he scampered toward the softball players.

After being arrested again, the man was taken to county jail in Hudson.

Police also:

--Arrested a 39-year-old local woman for domestic battery and a probation hold early Sunday morning, Aug. 3.

The alleged victim, the woman’s fiancé, showed up at the police station and told an officer that the woman was angry he was out all night and that she repeatedly punched him in the face through an open car window when he returned. Later, he said she threw a stick that hit his arm.

The woman said her fiancé had been  out overnight with the wrong  person. She only admitted to throwing a stick at him.

The woman ended up being taken to county jail in Ellsworth.

--Continue to investigate the theft of a white United trailer from outside the new Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 109 W. Cedar St., last Wednesday or Thursday, July 30-31. The 10x6 foot single axle trailer was empty when it was stolen.

--Continue to enforce the city’s new law against public vomiting by citing a 23-year-old Forest Lake, Minn., man for puking in the 100 block of North Main Street. The man, who appeared drunk, allegedly admitted to having just chugged a beer after leaving a bar. He was given a $124 municipal citation.