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Downtown rooftop trespasser riles tenants; drinking teen at bridge found unconscious

River Falls police ticketed a 21-year-old Roberts man for running back and forth across a building roof before 2 a.m. Saturday, July 19, in the 100 block of South Main Street.

Tenants were angered by the late-night noise. They yelled from their windows for the suspect to leave because they were trying to sleep.

The male suspect, dressed in black, was caught hiding on the roof by an officer and brought down. He claimed someone had invited him up to the roof, but he couldn’t say by whom.

The Roberts man was given citations for disorderly conduct and trespassing totaling $374 with an Aug. 27 Municipal Court date.

Police also:

--Cited a 16-year-old local boy for underage drinking (3rd offense) in the Glen Park area Monday night, July 21.

A woman stopped a patrolling officer on foot to say that she’d seen two boys who appeared  drunk.

One was found grasping a telephone pole at the Swinging Bridge entrance at the end of West Cascade Avenue.

He was next to a girl, passed out and unresponsive. A couple of sternum rubs by the officer brought him back to consciousness, though he remained dazed.

An ambulance with EMTs came to check his condition.

The teen was later given a $187 citation and released to the sober care of his mom.

For more, please see Police Beat in the July 24 print edition of the River Falls Journal.