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In your face: Woman with pizza delivers

A 38-year-old River Falls woman was arrested for disorderly conduct July 1 for allegedly throwing pizza and cheese curds at another woman while entering her apartment at 905 Sycamore St.

Both women and other friends had been drinking downtown. The 38-year-old woman said she was asked to pick up pizza and that someone would come to give her a lift home.

The woman says she got the pizza but no lift.

So she walked back to her friend’s apartment on Sycamore. Her friend later told police she drank so much she’d vomited, then gone to bed with her roommates.

The 38-year-old woman, allegedly upset at having to walk home carrying the pizza, barged into the apartment and tossed pizza into the other woman’s face.

The other woman, just awakened, was still in bed.

The angry suspect was also accused of smashing a mirror and damaging a picture on the wall.

River Falls police also:

--Arrested a 56-year-old Hammond man for drunk driving Wednesday night, July 2, after he allegedly hit a lamppost at Hwy. 65 and Cemetery Road with his van. The man, driving without headlights, was soon pulled over. An officer asked if the man knew why he was stopped, and the man allegedly replied: “I think I maybe have hit something.”

--Cited a 30-year-old Ellsworth man for public urination at Locust and South Main streets after 2 a.m. Friday, July 4. The man was allegedly urinating on a tree in front of Luigi’s Pizza. Asked about what he was doing, the man said: “I know it is against the law to pee in public.”

--Arrested a 49-year-old New Richmond woman for prescription drug fraud Saturday morning, July 5, at the ShopKo pharmacy. The woman allegedly tried to use a photocopy of a prescription already filled at Hudson Target last month to obtain 120 tablets of pain-killing medication for her back. She said her doctor has warned her about overdoing the usage.

--Cited a 25-year-old local man for illegal discharge of fireworks Thursday evening, July 3, at South Main Street and Hamilton Drive. The man allegedly shot a bottle rocket across the road that landed and exploded at the feet of a motorcyclist waiting at a stop sign. He apologized to the officer for what he had done, but was taken to jail in Hudson because of an outstanding St. Croix County warrant for his arrest.

There is more. Please see Police Beat in the July 10 print edition of the River Falls Journal.