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Another downtown bar allegedly having alcohol-control issues

River Falls police this week have cited Maverick’s Corner Saloon owner Rebecca L. Kappers twice for an operator’s license violation. Both citations are related to a couple of underage drinking incidents (June 15 and June 23) discovered after fights outside the bar.

A bartender at Maverick’s, 128 N. Main St., was also cited Feb. 14 for an operator’s license violation related to underage drinking.

Police Sgt. Jon Aubart said after more than one operator’s violation, citations are typically given to the bar owner.

Multiple citations can lead to a bar having its liquor license either suspended or revoked.

The City Council will be considering a liquor license non-renewal for Coach’s Bar & Grill, 127 S. Main St., Tuesday evening, June 24, during a public hearing at City Hall.

According to information in the council’s regular meeting agenda, Coach’s has:

--Been in debt by more than 15 days to its wholesaler for beer.

--Had an unlicensed operator in charge of the bar on Feb. 26.

--An owner, Gwendolyn Paulson, who may “lack of control over the licensed premises” and therefor may be potentially unsuitable to continue as an agent for the bar’s liquor license.

Reference was also made to a “get drunk” sign posted outside Coach’s during the March 29 River Falls Bar Crawl.

In the past week, police also:

--Arrested a 27-year-old local man for domestic disorderly conduct and bail jumping late Friday night, June 20, for an incident that began in the parking lot of Family Fresh supermarket, 303 S. Main St.

The man was allegedly drinking from a bottle of Calico Jack spiced rum and going around in a skateboard. He hit a truck, kept falling down but kept on drinking before throwing and smashing the bottle of booze.

He was taken to his mother’s place where he lives. There he allegedly caused a scene and got his mom’s boyfriend in a headlock before officers came and hauled him off to county jail in Ellsworth.

--Arrested a 25-year-old man, possibly from Nevada, for his alleged role in a four-man fight outside of Domino’s Pizza, 119 N. Main Street, after 2 a.m. Monday, June 23.

Two of the victims were said to have bloody wounds. One showed up at someone’s house on Third or Fourth Street, pounded on the front door, talked about being hurt in a fight and then fled.

The alleged instigator, shirtless and wearing a black hat, was picked up at Veterans Park. He was described as uncooperative and threw his Nevada I.D. card at officers.

The man denied fighting and displayed his knuckles, which he pointed out had no blood.

He was arrested anyway and forcibly placed inside a squad car. On the way to jail he allegedly vomited many times and was said to be sweating heavily and reeking of alcohol.

Police say he had a lengthy criminal record. He failed booking and jailers then took him to a holding cell.

--Cited a 44-year-old Connecticut man for public vomiting at South Main and East Locust streets after 2:30 a.m. Saturday, June 21. The man, seven feet from a trash can, allegedly leaned out of his SUV and puked.

He said his stomach got upset after drinking Jagermeister (liqueur) and then eating a sandwich.

He was given a $124 citation. This is the second time a person has been cited for public vomiting since the River Falls City Council passed such a law a month ago.

For more, please see the June 26 print edition of the River Fall Journal.