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Dazed suspect seems to be saying: ‘O brother, where art thou?’

He was found passed out or sleeping by the curb under a tree behind the American Legion Saturday morning, May 31.

Wakened by River Falls police and asked what he was doing, the 27-year-old local man said he’d had a very long night and that he was taking a break while on the way to see his older brother.

After getting the man’s name and address, the officer told the man he was wanted for a 2008 Pierce County warrant.

The warrant was related to a disorderly conduct and property damage incident in River Falls.

Sure wasn’t me, said the man, never heard of such a disturbance.

Then the man blamed his older brother, said he must have been arrested by police but identified himself by giving his baby brother’s name.

Police took the man to county jail in Ellsworth anyway. A review of old jail mug photos was inconclusive, so the man stayed jailed for the warrant in his name.

Police also arrested a 43-year-old Minnesota man for abusing a hazardous substance in the parking lot of Family Fresh Market, 302 S. Main St., Thursday night, May 29.

The man was alleged seen “huffing” – breathing fumes to get high – from an aerosol can in his parked truck and then falling asleep or passing out.

He drove off but was soon stopped by an officer at Main and Locust streets. The officer said the man’s truck reeked of a household cleaning product.

A search of the truck allegedly turned up and an empty and a full can of Dust Off Compressed Gas.

The man said he had no excuse for what he was doing with the aerosol cans.

He was released after being given two municipal citations, one for driving without a valid license.

There’s more. Read it in Police Beat in the June 5 print edition of the River Falls Journal.